Your Guide to Dressing the Perfect Platino Shirt

Platino Shirt

We all like to pay attention to the way we look. In today’s fast paced world. First impressions are created within seconds of meeting one another. The impression we create on people can affect our business and life in a lot of ways. A good impression goes a long way in determining our future relationship with that person. It can also make the world a much better place for us. That is why people strive to create great first impressions and a lot of work goes into it. People judge us by the way we look and how we carry ourselves.

The way a person dresses speaks volumes about them. It can convey a sense of perfection and can attract the viewer to our personality. It can also accentuate various parts of our body and make us more confident. Men’s style and fashion in recent times have seen some revolutionary changes. Men like women nowadays are also much concerned about their clothes and dressing sense. Recently, Platino shirts have become very popular among men of all ages. In this article we shall talk more about Platino shirts and how it can revamp your style game.

Why dress shirts

The most important apparel in a men’s closet are dress shirts. They are invaluable when it comes to creating the best impressions on people. Dressing style is one of the main aspects of creating a good long lasting impression apart from individual looks in case of men. That is why men should strive to create the ultimate style statement when it comes to their dressing game. There are a lot of dress shirts available for men in the market. Dress shirts are designed to give men a snug fit along with eye catching designs and details. There are various options to style dress shirts for men. However, not all of them matches the eloquence the Platino shirt has to offer. The Platino shirt is designed for men aged 18 and above. The unique feature of this shirt is that it has folded pockets on the front which look absolutely stunning when paired with trousers, denim and a dress shoe.

Knowing your Platino shirt

The Platino shirt was first designed by the famous and well known men’s fashion designer De Marquis. As soon as it was revealed to the public, the shirt soon became a favorite among men from all walks of life. People started loving it for the snug fit it offered along with the comfortable fabric, not to mention the exquisiteness of the overall design. The shirt is usually comprised of long sleeves with a pocket in the front. The overall fit is slim and structured. The Platino shirt soon became one of men’s best wardrobe essentials. Various brands and manufacturers of men’s fashion soon adapted the design and style and used it in their own versions of the Platino shirt. Due to the slim cut of the fabric, it looked trendy as well as classy on men who were fashion conscious. The slim arm holes also provided greater structure and fit for men with different body shapes and types.

Nowadays, the shirt has become at one with casual and party wear styling. Men are opting to wear the Platino shirt for various occasions instead of their regular party or casual shirt. The shirts come in different colors and sizes for men wanting to explore their style game according to their body type. They are generally shiny or glossy, although some have neutral or matte finishes. Most shirts are made in cotton and offers you the option of getting a stretch fabric also. Detailing on the shirts are intricate and the stitches can be well compared to those of luxury labels. The shirts have an unique folded chest pocket in the front which sets it apart from other dress shirts in its price range.

Things to look out for when buying your Platino shirt

This shirt comes in a lot of designs and styles suited for the needs of various buyers. There are checks, stripes, polka dots and abstract designs available. Checks make you look thicker and works best for men with a slim structure. Stripes work best for men wanting to look taller. Polka dots add structure and accentuates the core in a very defined manner. For abstracts, it is just the design which appeals to the common man. When you are looking to buy your Platino shirt, you should look out for some important features that the shirt has to offer. First and foremost comes the fit of the shirt. Normally when untucked, dress shirts generally fall above the pockets of your trousers. If it is above the pocket it is either too short or long if it covers the pocket entirely. Some men prefer to tuck in their shirts and longer sizes can be suitable for this. Longer materials at the waist enable a lot of the shirt to go inside your trousers and offers a neat and tidy tuck. Thus, choosing the fit according to your needs is very important in order to pull of that perfect dressy look which make women swoon.

Although there are a lot of different retailers of this dress shirt, it is advisable to look out for some telltale signs of a good brand. A trustworthy brand will have a label which clearly mentions the material used in the making. The best is 100% cotton which makes the fabric easy on the skin and breathable. Next you should check the fit. Platino shirts have a reputation for offering the perfect fit. It is advisable to know your size well in advance when making a purchase. If you are going for a printed/patterned one, you should properly check the shirt for any kind of manufacturing defects in the print. Faded or washed out prints indicate poor printing quality and you should stay away from them.

Now that you have an idea of what the perfect Platino shirt has to offer, you too can flip your style game in the right direction. Get your pair of Platino shirts now and get ready to get glanced at.

Platino Shirt

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