You Should Always Have a Basic Dress Shirt in Your Collection

Basic Dress Shirt

The basic dress shirt is an essential part of every man’s wardrobeThe basic dress shirt is an essential part of every man’s wardrobeThe basic dress shirt is an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. If you think about the way that men’s clothing has evolved over the years, it should be quite apparent that the styles that we wear on a daily basis have been greatly transformed over time. We, as people, literally used to run around naked for many centuries before we realized that we needed at least some basic forms of clothing to protect us from the harsh natural elements. The very beginnings of the coverings that we developed as a species were made with basically anything that we stumbled upon. Anything from the leaves of plants, to dried animal hides, were put to use out of the necessity to protect our bodies from too much exposure to things like strong sunlight and critters. Depending on where our ancestors lived, the amount of clothing that they needed to shield themselves from the elements was varied. Those who called the more northern and southern parts of the world home had to worry more about the frigid temperatures brought about by winter and high altitude. For this reason, the need to cover up more than just the loin area, as was common in warmer climates, was crucial to our survival. Of course, as time went on, we figured out ways to craft animal hides into pieces of clothing that were more functional and much easier to wear. The concept of cutting these materials and sewing them back together to provide a better fit for our bodies really took on a powerful role in forming the foundations for what would ultimately become the multi-billion dollar fashion industry of our modern world. In fact, once more people gained the skills required to produce articles of clothing, some began to develop a passion for altering the basic designs and creating things that may have been considered out of the ordinary. Naturally, that is how most of the inventions of human beings have come about. It starts with the necessity to provide something functional and eventually morphs into figuring out the best ways to improve upon the original design and make it more appealing and accessible to the average person. The world of men’s clothing has definitely been a beneficiary of this desire to evolve and create more exciting pieces as time goes on, allowing things to remain interesting and exciting for those who wish to update their look and stand out from the crowd. However, there are some items of clothing that have withstood the test of time and become staples in the realm of men’s attire. The basic dress shirt is definitely one of those styles that have traversed across multiple centuries of fashion evolution yet still retained its allure to basically every man on the planet. With its simple design, it has the innate quality to exude sophistication and elegance without appearing too flamboyant. One of the other features of the basic dress shirt that keeps it at the top of men’s clothing must-haves is the simple fact that it is one of the most versatile styles of men’s shirts, allowing it to be worn in a wide variety of settings. When we think of the basic dress shirt, I am sure that the first place people think of wearing them is to their place of business. The combination of a simple button-down collared shirt with a pair of sleek dress pants and a nice leather belt is probably the most common way to wear this timeless design to work. You can also pair this type of shirt with a pair of khaki slacks for a slightly more casual, yet still professional look, and of course, a nice pair of loafers or lace-up dress shoes will complement everything quite nicely. The basic dress shirt can also be worn outside of the office and really is a nice thing to wear almost anywhere. I love the fact that you can wear a nice men’s dress shirt under a suit and accent it with a nicely designed tie for the ultimate formal look. In this case, choosing a basic dress shirt, as opposed to some of the more intricate options available on the market, really allows your suit and tie to be the stars of the show. In fact, I would highly recommend that every man add a couple of basic dress shirts in white, blue and black to their wardrobe, as this will allow you to get through each week while cutting down on the time you spend trying to figure out which shirt to wear, as well as saving you time and money with laundry and dry cleaning. Those three primary colors of dress shirts will form an essential part of your wardrobe that can be worn together with almost anything else you already have in your closet, and you will look clean and stylish everywhere you go. When choosing where to shop to find the perfect basic dress shirts, the options can seem limitless. However, as an avid shopper myself, I have found that the combination of a good quality shirt crafted from the best materials at a reasonable price will get me to purchase every time. And, to be quite honest, I actually loathe going into crowded stores and hoping I can find something that will work for me, so for that reason, I do most of my shopping online nowadays. One of my favorite places to begin my search every time I am ready to do some shopping is the La Mode Men’s online shop. This website always carries a wide variety of men’s clothing, including the basic dress shirt that every man should have. You can also find all sorts of other goodies at La Mode Men’s, making it one of the best places to build your wardrobe, all without having to step foot outside. Be sure to visit their site today, and I am sure you will find the experience to be delightful, and the quality of the clothing to be exceptional. Happy shopping!

Basic Dress Shirt

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