Woven Shirt

Woven Shirt



The type, style, and the design of the shirt that a man wears describes his confidentiality, bravely, and his fashion sense. More so, your shirts speak volumes to people in your environment; it is a quiet, powerful non-verbal signal. Therefore woven shirts fit in every man’s wardrobe if they want to look unique and outstanding. For example, have you ever attended an interview, and the tougher the questions get, the more your shirt gets tighter? Now typically in this article, I will discuss woven shirts how you should dress them to address the intended purpose you wore them to.

Let me begin by mentioning that most of the woven shirts come in the form of a dress shirt, but also there are a lot of them which are casual shirts too.



Woven shirts are ready-made; therefore, sometimes, when choosing these shirts, it’s a difficult task. We both know these shirts come in all sizes, but have you ever noticed that even if the shirt fits you well, you will find out either the sleeves are longer, the neck is not fitting well, or any other part. Generally, for large men, loose shirts compliment them better while the slim fit men look better in well-fitting shirts. Therefore go for the following characteristics in a shirt:

a) The woven shirt should have an allowance around the waist and chest to allow room for easy breathing and movement.

b) Shoulder points should reach to the end of the shoulder and not any further.

c) When they are buttoned should allow two fingers in the collar.

d) Around the wrist, they should be tight so that if one wants to slip them off, they must unbutton the cuffs. (If they are long-sleeved).

e) Their sleeves should not crumple around the cuffs when your hands hang; neither should the sleeves be short, and they should be long enough to allow one to raise the hands when in need. (long-sleeved woven shirts.)


Woven shirts are unique in terms of design and style; they come in three patterns which include, the solid woven shirts, checkered shirts, tipped woven shirts.

Stripped woven shirts: stripped woven are accentuate your complexion, and by this, they give you a natural look since they go with hues or spots in your face. Therefore white or blue strips cannot go wrong with any man; however, according to your complexion, you can choose to pick any strip color since there are pink, red, yellow, maroon, and others. The striped patterned shirts blend well with solid suits.

Solid woven shirts: these are the most flexible shirts around. This is because they can blend well with casual wear or formal. These shirts look good on your khaki pants or any suit, but if you choose a bright colored shirt, try a grey, black or navy blue suits.

Checkered woven shirts: these are my favorite shirts, but that put aside, checkered shirts got fundamentally designed to indicate the wearer’s background. While choosing these shirts for formal wear, kindly select them carefully, for example, do not mix patterns, wear a solid suit, and a checkered shirt under it, then you can complete the look with a striped tie. As casual wear, you may choose to wear them with a plain undershirt and open the buttons, with your usual khaki, chinos, or jeans pants, and you will look super cool.


Before choosing the shirt, inspect the kind of button of the shirts that do not go for broken or disintegrated buttons. Go for shirts with buttons made from the shell; they are hard in such a way that they can break the needles and are resistant to getting destroyed by washing detergent


Woven shirts can get worn in different shirts


If you are wearing the woven shirt as casual, wear it up to you to tuck in or not.

But it looks more presentable whenever you wear a blazer to tuck in.

Supposedly if you wear an undershirt and all the buttons are open, it looks a bit primitive to tuck in your woven checkered shirts.


The woven shirts which get designed for formal wear should get tucked in, and I can’t imagine how shaggy you would look in a suit with an untucked shirt!

However, some woven shirts looked while they are not tucked in, for example, most of the striped shirt look presentable as formal wear even when they don’t get tucked in.


Woven shirts come in different colors; therefore, choose colors that go well with your complexion, skin color, and hair color. However, remember colors like blue and white signify dominance, especially when they are formal wear. Let me say that white dress woven shirts are just perfect for any occasion, and you will not look like an odd one out. The white color also shows cleanliness, and this is because any gentleman dressed in a white woven shirt at work is seen not to hide any dirt like stains!

However, woven shirts also come with other colors such as gold, red, pink, lavender, off white, and forest green and multiple different colors. It doesn’t matter if the colors highlight the patterns or dominate the shirt; they readily complement any gentleman’s complexion.


Apart from suits, the woven shirt would get coupled with khakis, shorts, sweatpants, jeans, or chinos pants. One may choose to wear them in a formal event such as the office, political meetings, or any other meetings. Also one may wear these shirts at the beach, day out with friends, first dates, days you cannot predict your daily activities, a diner night with family or friends, at weddings, parties or on any other occasion. These shirts will give a unique and outstanding looking the room, and everyone in the room will double-check at your exclusive swag.

The article explains how to wear woven dress shirts on how to check its features carefully.

Woven Shirt

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