Why Every Guy Needs A Platino Shirt

Platino Shirt

Have you been looking for the perfect, stylish collared shirt to add to your wardrobe? Well, I have a fashion tip that will have you looking good, feeling good, and standing out in the crowd. The Platino shirt is the perfect addition to every man’s collection. This fashion forward style of men’s dress shirts is the ultimate must have for every guy, mainly because they are extremely versatile. You can wear a Platino shirt in casual settings, as well as to places and events where you would like to have give off a more sophisticated look. The Platino collared shirt truly embodies all of these qualities because it is a bit of a fusion of formal structure with slightly more relaxed designs and color patterns. When it comes to shopping for the perfect new Platino shirt, the options are nearly limitless. My favorite website to browse when adding these beautiful shirts to my collection is La Mode Men’s, where they literally have over 100 styles to choose from, and lots of sizes always in stock as well. They also rotate their product selection on a regular basis, and offer some of the most competitive prices around for their very high quality clothing. Having your new shirt shipped to you is a breeze as well. But, we will go into more of the details of ordering from La Mode Men’s later. For now, let me tell you about some of the awesome Platino dress shirts that they carry, and give you some tips for how you can wear these trendy items. The designers de Marquis are the brains behind most of the offerings carried by La Mode Men’s, and their attention to detail really sets these shirts apart from anything else I have been able to find online. One of the first shirts that you should consider adding to your wardrobe is the Platino shirt in denim blue with white dots. This simple design is easy to wear, and exudes a bit of understated elegance. Due to the mild color tone that this collared dress shirt is made in, you can wear it in more every day settings where you would normally don a smart casual outfit. Everywhere from the store, to meetings with business professionals, and even at the golf course country club, the neutral color scheme and sophisticated design of the denim blue Platino dress shirt is unassuming, yet super versatile. La Mode Men’s also carries this style in a neutral gray tone, allowing you to switch things up while still maintaining a similar look and feel. If you are in search of a Platino shirt that is a bit more befitting of a professional setting, their checkerboard patterned options make for the perfect pieces to have in your closet. These classically styled collared dress shirts are simple and clean, without giving off too much of a casual aura about them, or the person wearing them. You can easily wear one of these with a pair of khakis and nice dress shoes, and command the attention of a room full of colleagues or students while maintaining a stylish look. The checkerboard Platino shirt is available in a multi-colored array, as well as a more understated option with one main color and white checkered pattern. This particular style of shirt also gives you the option of wearing it with a nice blazer to slightly elevate the look for a more formal setting, or in the event that you are giving an important presentation. You can also pair your favorite solid colored necktie with any of these shirts to dress things up even more. Perhaps my personal favorite of the selection of Platino dress shirts on offer at La Mode Men’s is the pebble patterned style. This white shirt has multiple pebble shaped designs in an almost mint green tone, and is definitely the shirt that I wear to a first date, or a party. The design is very unique and interesting, and will have you turning heads at any venue or event. I also love how the cuffs can be turned inside out to reveal fun patterns to contrast with the main themes of the Platino shirts, allowing you to accent the unique style of these trendy garments. In fact, this feature is really at the core of the versatility that these dress shirts can offer you. allowing you to transition from working all day to literally rolling up your sleeves so you can be ready to let loose and have some fun at your favorite happy hour. With a fashionable, stylish new Platino shirt from La Mode Men’s, there is no need to drive all the way home to switch from professional to smart casual. La Mode Men’s carries all of your fashion needs from the aforementioned Platino shirts, as well as a wide variety of other men’s apparel and accessories. They have an amazing selection of polos and tees, as well as great vest and woven shirt options. There are also a ton of suit and tuxedo options, complete with handkerchiefs and bow tie options for more formal occasions where you strive to look your best. With fall and winter approaching, now would also be the perfect time to add some sweaters to your closet, and La Mode Men’s has you covered in that area as well. Their variety of men’s sweaters includes v-neck pullovers, crew neck sweaters, v-neck cardigans, and fleece zip front cardigans. You can even shop their wide ranging inventory of socks and watches, allowing you to add the ultimate compliments and accessories to your clothing collection. I absolutely would recommend La Mode Men’s to any guy who is looking to grow their wardrobe without breaking the bank. Why would you go to a department store, deal with crowds of people, and pay exorbitant prices when you can find everything you need right on the La Mode Men’s web site? You should definitely take the time to view their Platino shirt inventory, and I am sure that you will find the perfect collared dress shirts to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Platino Shirt

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