Understanding a few things about Non Iron Dress Shirt

Non Iron Dress Shirt

There is no denying the fact that wearing a DRESS SHIRT is perhaps the most important thing that most men and women do when they begin the day. Shirts without any doubt have a very important and significant role to play in the fashion requirement of men across the world. Shirts, whether full or half-sleeved have certainly become an integral part of the wardrobe for men for thousands of years. They are known for their stylish look, comfort and they go well with other warm dresses like sweaters, pullovers, and also are extremely common for formal occasions. They also can be worn with or without a tie and can also become an integral and important part of your suit or blazer. Shirts can be worn both for casual purposes and also for formal occasions. Hence, at the end of the day, there is hardly any doubt that shirts are versatile, comfortable, and fashionable and go a long way in enhancing the overall looks and appearance of a man. While women also wear shirts, our focus will be on shirts for men because of a few obvious reasons.


Shirts are made from different fabrics and there is no doubt that cotton is perhaps one of the most commonly used fabrics for manufacturing shirts. They are comfortable, stylish, and airy and they do not trap heat inside the body and this certainly is a big blessing especially during summer. You also can use shirts that are made from a combination of cotton, polyester, silk and various other such materials. Hence, you are only limited by your imagination as far as the type of material that you could use for either readymade shirts or customize them, keeping in mind your specific needs and requirements.


In today’s world, where time is a big constraint, there is hardly any doubt that regular pressing and ironing of shirts could be a big headache for men in general. Many of them have to start the day early in the morning and they hardly get any time to prepare themselves for the tough and demanding day ahead. In such a situation, they would prefer to go in for a NON-IRON DRESS SHIRT instead of dresses that get crumpled and are full of creases after each wash. While cotton dresses are known for their comfort, there is no doubt that they become crumpled and unfit to wear unless they are ironed and creased properly.

However, the problem can be overcome with the help of NON-IRON DRESS SHIRT. Whenever we talk about these types of non-iron dress shirts, we often confuse ourselves with wrinkle resistant dresses and shirts. Are wrinkle resistant dresses and non-iron dresses one and the same? Let us try to find answers for the same so that there is the right kind of clarity and understanding regarding the differences between the two.


If we take into account the overall history of shirts, it would not be wrong to mention that the history of non-iron or wrinkle-resistant shirts are not very old to say the least. The first non-iron shirts were introduced in the market during the early 1990s. They were slow to be absorbed by shirt makers and it was only during the late 1990s that non-iron shirts started becoming popular and were widely used. These shirts really took off in the market from the early 2002 and according to some data in 2008 almost 25% of all dress shirts sold in the US markets belong to the non-iron category.


What are the main differences between wrinkle-resistant and non-iron dress shirts? This is a common question that comes to the minds of many people. Let us try and identify some main differences

• Compared to wrinkle-resistant shirts, the overall capacity to withstand wrinkles and ugly creases is much more as far as non-iron dress shirts are concerned.

• Wrinkle-resistant fabrics in most of the cases have to be pressed or ironed once they have been washed. Only then will they have a professional and clean appearance. While some people prefer wearing wrinkle-resistant shirts without pressing, it may not last the whole day and after a couple of hours, you will find the shirts looking dirty, crease-filled and smudged.

• On the other hand, when you invest in a quality non-iron shirt, you require very little or no-ironing or pressing. If you are able to wash it properly at home you will be able to get that crease-free and smudge free appearance. Ironing and shirts, though not needed will of course go a long way in making it look even better.

• Wrinkle-resistant fabrics often tend to compare well with untreated fabrics. The only difference is that the treatment for making it wrinkle-resistant is perhaps applied during the finishing process rather than to the fully-finished shirt. This is done with the main intention of making the end product soft and breathable. You should also bear in mind that almost all wrinkle-resistant shirts are made from 100% cotton. On the other hand, when you go in for a good quality non-iron dress shirt you will find that the raw material could either be cotton or could be a combination of other materials like polyester, silk, and other such common materials.

• However, there are some problems as far as non-iron dress shirts are concerned. They are mostly less breathable when compared to cotton and other light fabrics. Hence, if you are planning to wear these non-iron shirts and dress materials during the summer or when the weather is hot, you could have some challenge in hand. You may have to change the shirt twice a day especially when the summer temperatures are soaring high. They are also more expensive when compared to other options and therefore this also is a point that one should bear in mind.


Once you go through this article, it is likely that you may have a better idea about the major differences between wrinkle-resistant as well as NON-IRON DRESS SHIRT. If you are looking for that classy look and are ready to pay the price for it, then it certainly makes sense for you to go in for these types of dresses. They certainly will be able to spare you the bother of pressing and ironing your shirts at least once a day. If you want to spend your weekends better instead of spending hours pressing a pile of shirts that need ironing, then you have all reasons to invest in quality non-iron shirts though they may cost you a bit more.

Non Iron Dress Shirt

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