Ultimate Guide to selecting and wearing Gingham Shirt

Gingham Shirt

If you go through some lists of the best classic shirts for men, then you will definitely find GINGHAM SHIRT on those lists. Highly versatile, timeless, stylish; it looks good with formal dress pants and jeans as it does with brogues, trainers, and chinos. This guide will let you know everything that you need to know about this type of shirt, including ways to select the best one for you and how you should style it. So, read on to find out more.


It’s a plain-woven fabric that’s easy to work with. The contrasting-check shirt distinguishes gingham. This was not the fabric’s original name.

It comes from the Malayan word “genggang” which means basically “stripped”. Many years back, this kind of fabric has made its way to the Western world from Southeast Asia. Upon arriving, the fabric had somewhat of a transformation and appeared as a plaid or check pattern.

This design is still popular today, and it refers to the fabric used to make shirts and other apparel items. A GINGHAM SHIRT is not every striped, plaid, or checked shirt (More on this will be explained later on in this guide).

Blue/white, red/white, and black/white is the common color combinations available in plenty in both online and offline shops. As they are trending currently, they are now available in many more styles as well. However, going with the classic combination will be a smart move. You can recreate any look with the classic color combo, and they happen to be flattering and go with any skin color and body shape.

If you find a fabric that has been “dyed in the yarn,” you can be confident that you have discovered an authentic Gingham pattern/fabric. The yarn for this cloth will be dyed before it is woven. Because of this method of creating, there is no right or wrong side in Gingham as the appearance is the same on both sides.


A little background on this type of fabric was provided above so that you may choose this fabric from any lot. To help you decide, learn the distinctions between Gingham and Check shirts.

A checkered fabric comes with squares in two different colors typically in alternating positions. Gingham, on the other hand, is dyed with overlapping strips of color. It will be paired with a crisscross pattern of white thread.


Now you know how to pinpoint Gingham fabric so that you can get a true GINGHAM SHIRT for yourself. You will find many shirts of this type for sale all over the internet. So, finding the best one or an authentic one can become difficult. Thus, next are some things to take into consideration while selecting this type of shirt to avoid any issues:


If you choose a shirt made of the best fabric, you can be confident that it will serve its purpose well. The material of the fabric plays an important part when it comes to the quality and durability of the shirt. Choose one made of cotton and polyester. They will last a long time, will not lose their shape, will be easier to maintain, and will be comfortable to wear.


If you know what a garment is made of, you can be confident in its quality. Only the best in the business create shirts like these, which are made of two or more distinct materials (typically cotton and polyester), allowing you to benefit from both. Your skin will not be harmed if you wear it all day, and the shirt will become a staple in your wardrobe for many years.


Try to look for this kind of shirt that proclaims to provide comfort. Whether you are at your office or on a date, you need to feel comfortable in the shirt you are wearing. Going for a soft and comfortable shirt will mean you can wear it all day long and during any season as well.


They are available in many different designs and look. However, if you are purchasing this kind of shirt for the first time, then you have to look out for a certain type of design to ensure it will suit you effortlessly. Try to find a button-front closure for a classic look. It should also have a classic point collar, button cuffs, single chest pocket, round hem, and for easy activities a pleated back. This design suits any body shape and height.


You will definitely need an online seller or shop to buy GINGHAM SHIRT. One of the best ways to select a company is by breaking down its tagline. You can get a clear picture of the shop and what it has to offer from its tagline only. If the seller promises to make you look good in its tagline, then the store definitely will be providing high-quality, comfortable, and classic designed shirts made with this specific fabric pattern. So, find a store that offers excellent quality and fit of such shirts and you will be good to go.


You can get the best out of your new purchase GINGHAM SHIRT if you know how to style it properly. The best thing about this particular pattern is the fact that you can wear it for any occasion may it be for work, play, or any special occasion. Let’s take a look at how to style this shirt:


Pair it with: Formal blazer or suit set, neutral-colored dress pants or chinos, and suede shoes.

Why it works: This look works as it makes you look professional without making you feel and look stuffy. You will stay comfortable while at work with this combination. The suit or blazer needs to have a relaxed shape for this look to work. Choose dress pants or chinos as they provide a smarter look with the shirt. You can go for formal shoes as well if you do not like/want suede shoes for work.


Pair it with a Basic plain crew neck t-shirt, bomber jacket (for colder months), jeans/chino shorts (for warmer months), and sneakers.

Why it works: For this look, you have to wear the Gingham shirt with all buttons open over the t-shirt to achieve the casual yet chic look. This look allows you layering. You can adjust this look based on what the temperature is like with jackets and shorts. Sneakers will complete the look. Besides, this kind of shirt compliments the jeans (dark-colored especially) well.


Pair it with: a Harrington jacket, vibrant colored chinos, and loafers

Why it works: If you are on a date or attending a get-together of some sort, then you can wear a GINGHAM SHIRT for the special occasion. Simply style the shirt with chinos and loafers to achieve an elegant vibe. You can add a Harrington jacket to complete the look. This look is very easy to re-create; just make sure the colors of all the clothing pieces are complimenting each other.


There you have it; we have come to the conclusion of this guide. Now you know how to figure out Gingham fabric and how to buy and style a GINGHAM SHIRT properly and accurately. So, what are still waiting for? Find the best online seller/store and get your hands on this type of shirt today!

Gingham Shirt

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