Trimmed Dress Shirt

Trimmed Dress Shirt

Everybody wants to look stunning when getting out of their doorsteps. The way we dress says a lot about our personalities and the perception of others towards us. For men especially, their dressing code is very vital and exist some fancy varieties of men dress shirts that can suit any body size and skin tones. It is crucial to note that one is addressed the way they dress; therefore, men should be watchful on what to wear when it comes to shirts and avoid settling for other substandard shirts. Note that choosing a nice shirt is crucial since it covers most parts of the body, and also for it’s for its closeness to the face. First, let’s look at some very essential tips that characterize a presentable and comfortable dress shirt.

  1. Properly fitting dress shirt.

The noticeable feature of a shirt is its fit. Despite its fascinating details, ill- fitness disqualifies it. There is a famous quote that says if it doesn’t fit, don’t buy. A perfect fit is one which ensures comfort to the body. Dress shirts come in different sizes and designs. The dimensions are; too loose fit, just right and the too tight or slim shirts. On the models, some dress shirts have single or double pockets depending on the formality of the shirt. Some dress shirts also have plackets.

Loose fit – Also referred to as the classic fit is what our grandfathers wore, which depicts some traditional tailoring with a boxier shape and majority of the sleeves that enhance a most comfortable fit. In the 20th century, men preferred comfort over fashion and in most circumstances, they choose to wear jackets making this fit a perfect choice for them. Today this fit still goes well with men who like to wear jackets.

Slim fit shirts – In our contemporary society, young men try by all means have different dress code from their parents. Socially wearing a dress shirt without a jacket is acceptable. Slim shirts are characterized by the use of smaller fabric, making it more fashionable. Unlike the loose fit, slim dress shirts may be less comfortable and restrict movement, especially when it’s not your size. Therefore, if you are not thin, consider other options that fit you to bring that great look.

Just the right fit – Also referred to as the modern fit and it’s the slim loose fit. This fit entails high armholes and some narrower sleeves. The fit is right to be worn either with a jacket or without. It is the best recommendation for medium size men without a belly.

Too tight fit- This kind of fit and style is for slimmer young men who want their shirts tighter. These shirts are known to have a lot of wrinkles on fatter men bringing the undesirable look and constrict movement as well.

  1. Identify the right shirt for your skin tone.

Men must consider their skin tone before settling for any dress shirt. For pale with dark-haired men, they should go with fuller and more vibrant colours because of their high contrast look. Medium contrast men who are characterized by tan and dark hair should go for salmon red and olive colours.

Finally, the low contrast men that is the light skin tones, it is prudent for them to go for subdued colours such as beige. Note that medium contrast looks perfect on a medium-dark skin tone while high variations are ideal for darker men.

  1. Be keen on the cuff styles.

The cuffs and the colour of the dress shirt are the most visible parts. These two parts contribute massively to the attractiveness of the shirt. Some men assume this aspect by forgetting that it depicts someone’s sense of style and fashion. When one wears a coat, the cuffs and the colour becomes the only visible shirt part. There are different kinds of cuffs such as the French cuffs, barrel cuffs and button cuff. Most dress shirts are known to have plackets which reinforce the shirt. In many dress shirts, the standard placket front is common for making the shirt symmetrical. For men who are fond of ties, forward point collars would be the ideal choice. Avoid floppy collars at all costs.

  1. Counter check the shirt quality before purchase.

Everyone wants value for their money. If a shirt meets your taste and preference, make sure to look at some finer details such as the make of the buttons, do the shirt have extra buttons in case the ones on the shirt get lost? Is the stitching dense? Is the fabric, right? Try to avoid shirts with plastic buttons because they can easily break. Pearl buttons are the best option. These are some of the aspects to consider before procuring one.

  1. Always tuck in your shirt.

It is impossible to look attractive in a dress shirt without tucking it. According to the design of these shirts, untucking makes one look weird and unstylish. Usually, the shirt may get untucked because of activities men partake, bringing an unpleasant look, Dress shirt stays is used instead. Alternatively, the excess fabric can be pushed into a fold by the use of hands.

  1. Take proper care of your dress shirts.

It is one thing to buy a dress shirt and another thing to maintain them. Most of these shirts’ fabrics do not wrinkle, but some can depending on the quality. In that case, it is advisable to iron four shirts at ago to protect the material as well and done once a week. In addition to this, the amount of bleach used to whiten the dress shirt should be minimal. Dry- tumbling is discouraged for dress shirts; instead, they should air out themselves.

In summary, fashion and style have always been subjective and personal, and this rule applies to everyone. For gentleman finding the ideal dress shirt could be challenging; thus, the above guidelines will help those looking for an something elegant to rock on either formal or non-formal. Beware that in this world of today business style is everything. Therefore watch out what you wear.

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