You have the suit, the shirt, the shoes, the socks, the pocket square, and the watch; all you need is the tie. What tie should you pair with that amazing suit you just put together?

I’ve got some classic options to help you decide. We are committed to providing you with all of the advice, expertise, and inspiration you need to dress properly, gain confidence, and unlock your full potential.

I picked each of these ties based on three criteria: adaptability, timelessness, and season. We’ll break them down into four categories: solid, striped, pattern, and formal.


NAVY GRENADINE TIE: Let’s get started. The most necessary tie is a navy grenadine tie. This should unquestionably be your first tie purchase. It’s easy and flexible for both events and seasons, but my favorite feature is the texture. Although it’s a solid color, the texture provides a lot of depth and visual intrigue, elevating any style, particularly a business casual look like the one seen here, to a higher, more sophisticated level.


GREY WOOL TIE: A grey wool tie is a terrific winter addition to your solid tie collection, and it can be worn for a variety of events depending on how you dress it. It looks great with a grey flannel suit. I like how simple it is. The blue shirt, on the other hand, gives it a more casual business vibe. It may easily turn more formal if I add a white shirt. The tiny pattern makes it incredibly attractive, even though it reads as a solid tie.


TAN LINEN: Just like we think about fabric for suits in terms of season, the same goes for ties. For example, a linen tie in a sand color paired with a linen three-piece suit. Browns, in my opinion, whether it’s a tie or a suit, are really underrated and I like to combine different shades of brown together for a really kind of organic and polished look. An unexpected departure from a navy or a red stripe tie, we have a brown strip tie, something different without being in your face, still in that classic menswear color palette. I think this is a great option if you want to kind of subtly stand out. It’s very versatile but it easily works into a simple and traditional suit lineup like greys and the dark navy that we have here.


BURGUNDY AND NAVY STRIPED: A bigger stripe here with a burgundy and navy wool tie, obviously a winter option as you can pair it with a navy chalk striped flannel suit. Stripes on stripes, as seen in the suit shirt and tie in the image here, work when the stripes, or any pattern, are on different scales. This outfit here makes for a powerful fall and winter business look.

A green stripe silk tie is a great way to branch out into color for spring and summer without doing anything overly bright or pastel. Consider it a more understated approach to adding some color to your suit style. There are lots of great options for summer suits, and here I’m going with Solaro. It’s got a really neat iridescent quality to the fabric. You do catch a little bit of green depending on the light, which I think this tie compliments really well.


RED MEDALLION: Moving into patterns now with a red medallion silk tie consider this to be your sartorial power tie. Whereas the classic striped power tie has a very distinct business or wall street connotation the deep red with the gold medallions just looks really rich and elegant and paired with a double-breasted navy suit is a very powerful and assertive combination. 


A BLUE MEDALLION: A blue medallion silk ties are a bit more versatile than our previous tie, both in terms of season. This one you could wear pretty much anywhere and in any situation. It’s an excellent business casual tie and when that, and if you want to begin experimenting with some simple patterns, mixing is a great place to start. Paired in this image here with a striped shirt and a navy hopsack suit, you’ve got a really simple, classic, and easy office look.


A PLAID OR TARTAN TIE: A plaid or tartan ties are an absolute must-have for the holiday season. Personally, I don’t like to be too bold, which is why I love this tie that has more of a navy base.
Consider this a statement-making tie, and the easiest way to style it is to keep the rest of the outfit simple and let it be the focal point. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, like I was here, mixing plaids is always festive. Some might not even have an occasion to wear a tuxedo, but if you’re going to wear one, make sure you have a self-tie bow tie, and make sure that the fabric of the bow tie matches the fabric of your lapel. It’s grosgrain in this case.

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