Things to Consider While Buying a Slim Fit Dress Shirt for Men

Slim Fit Dress Shirt

The clothes you wear can help you to show the world what you want to show without any special gesture. Even a stranger can get an impression about you in one-tenth of a second if you wear the right MEN’S DRESS SHIRTS. The information provided in this write-up can help you in choosing the best SLIM FIT DRESS SHIRT for you.


Whether you are shopping for a slim fit dress shirt from an online store or a local mall, you will have to consider a few factors discussed here under to buy the best men’s dress shirts.


You can find a wide variety of dress shirts for men on nearby or online retail stores which can make it difficult to choose one for you. Many people focus more on the brand than the quality of materials used in the shirt while buying it. Though the brand is also important to buy the best products but if the quality is not good then you will have to regret your decision later on. Your slim fit dress shirt will keep you comfortable for at least two seasons if it is made of good quality materials. Moreover, you will save a lot of time and money by purchasing good quality men’s dress shirts.


The second important factor to consider while buying a slim fit dress shirt is its comfort level. If your shirt fits properly at all the important places then it can be the right one for you. But if its collar scrapes your throat after some time then either it is not fit for you or the material used in its collar is not good. Normally dress shirts are worn on formal occasions. So it should make you feel comfortable even if you have to wear it for an entire day or half of it at least. According to experts, you should feel invincible, confident, and comfortable when you button up a slim fit dress shirt in the morning.


When you are buying a slim fir dress shirt of the right size then you cannot a buy shirt of S, M, or L size. A slim fit shirt should be measured in five areas including shoulders of the shirt, collar, sleeve, cuff, and torso. There should be no gap between its collar and your skin and there must be a gap of one finger between the collar and your neck. The edges of your shoulder should match perfectly to the edges of the shirt’s shoulders. It should neither too loose nor too tight. There should neither be any extra fabric on the torso nor should it strain when buttons are closed. The sleeves of the shirt should neither limit the movement of your arms nor shall it droop. It should allow you to move your arm freely. The cuffs of your slim fit shirt should allow you to move your wrist comfortably. It should neither move on your watch not strangle your wrist when buttoned up.


Apart from the size and quality of men’s dress shirts, you should also focus on their fabric, color, and pattern to choose the best one for you.

FABRIC: Slim fit dress shirts are made from different types of fabrics but while choosing the best one you should choose the fabric that can make you feel comfortable while wearing them. Different types of fabric used in these shirts include poplins, twills, and oxfords to give them a smart, shining, and casual look respectively. You can choose from these fabrics according to your mood. Poplins are considered the most popular shirt materials because of their crispy looks. While focusing on the fabric of the slim fit dress shirt you can also keep in mind to check their thread count as higher thread count can make your shirt silky and soft whereas low thread count can make its fabric strong, and rough that may or may not need ironing.

COLOR: White is one of the main colors opted for slim fit dress shirts as it can be worn on any occasion as well as at work to make you look fit always. But if you like to wear colorful shirts then you can choose from solid colors that may match the color of your eyes, skin, and hair. However, you can also choose lighter or darker shades according to your liking. You can also choose the color of your shirt according to season.

PATTERNS: Along with the color of the shirt you should also choose its patterns to match with the latest fashion trends. Along with solid patterns in white and colored shirts you can also choose from the patterns of stripes and checks to give a unique look to your personality. Men’s dress shirts with checks and stripes look less formal than solid colors still they look more lively than formals. The patterns of checks and stripes can give an instant boost to your personality.


While buying the right slim fit dress shirt for you, it is important to compare its color in inside light and natural light to feel the difference. So before buying a shirt finally you check its color against your skin tone in natural light


You should stretch the fabric of the shirt from an inconspicuous spot to check its durability and quality. If it stretches less then it will drape better for a long time but if the stretched fabric does not return to its original shape then it may not be suitable for you. It will also help you in checking the strength of the fabric.


Imagine yourself in the shirt you have selected to see whether it can serve the purpose for which you are buying it. If it does not solve your purpose then it will be the waste of your time and money to buy it.

Thus by considering the factors discussed in this write-up you can easily buy the best SLIM FIT DRESS SHIRT for you from several MEN’S DRESS SHIRTS available in the retail store.

Slim Fit Dress Shirt

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