The V-Neck Sweater Is A True Classic

When it comes to casual clothing trends that have withstood the test of time, the v-neck sweater stands high in the ranks. For decades now, this casual and comfortable sweater style has been a top trending piece of men’s clothing, especially during the fall and winter months. One of the best features of this classic sweater design is the awesome versatility that it offers as part of a well-balanced wardrobe, allowing you to wear it with almost every other article of clothing that you may have in your closet. Another cool thing about the v-neck is that it can be worn as the outermost layer of your outfit during the cool fall months, and then has the ability to transition to an underlying layer, taking a backseat to your coat or jacket. Best of all, due to the design of the neckline, you also have the ability to layer your classic v-neck sweater over a dress shirt and tie, giving you the ultimate warm and professional look.
Ever since this trendy sweater design became popular among the general population, there have been multiple variations in fit and style. The first generations of v-neck sweaters were really quite plain. As with most clothing, the original sweaters really had a utilitarian purpose of keeping people warm in the winter. The sweaters of the past were usually just made in a solid color, and typically woven with a heavy knit, usually composed of wool. Due to the thickness of the wool string that these fabrics were usually knitted with, the knots would be a bit loose, allowing some air to flow through them. For this reason, the first era of sweaters served as the perfect piece to wear in cool temperatures by providing just enough warmth to keep people feeling comfy and cozy.Over time, all of the designs started to become a bit more refined. One of the first major changes in the fashion trend of sweaters was the addition of different colors to the line up. In the very beginning, the color selection had typically been limited to black, or dark brown. Eventually, lighter shades of brown began to make their way into the mainstream, in addition to some shades of gray. Then came colors such as reds, oranges, blues, and eventually, almost any color imaginable became available in stores. After the variety of colors available increased substantially, other changes to the design of v-neck sweaters began to take effect. With more advanced weaving techniques, the fabric of the sweaters became more tightly knit, leaving no gaps or holes between the knots. Additionally, the wider adoption of electric sewing machines led to an increased ability of manufacturers to add unique pattern designs during production. Once this happened, people would be able to choose from cool patterned sweaters with different color combinations, such as a diamond pattern in blue and white.The v-neck sweaters of today are a pure reflection of the journey that their design has taken over the years, yet it is also proof that this classic sweater trend is here to stay for many more years. With the production automation and computerized graphic design capabilities of the modern day, we are able to make casual clothing and v-neck sweaters with fantastically intricate, complex designs. We are able to weave almost any design or image into the fabric of our v-neck sweaters and, in many cases, customers are able to design their own custom sweaters. Imagine going from only having dark brown or black as your color options to now being able to create your own stylish sweater design right on your computer.As far as where to look if you happen to be in the market for nice v-neck sweaters at a great price, I would highly recommend that you check out the La Mode Men’s website, as they carry an awesome selection of the most stylish v-neck sweaters on the web. I love La Mode Men’s as a starting point for building the foundation of your sweater collection because they have the perfect fitted designs available in the most beautifully classic colors, and all at very reasonable prices. One of my absolute favorite options that they carry is the winter green v-neck sweater, which gives me the feeling that the holidays are approaching. I also love that it is more of a unique look, offering a touch of understated color to your wardrobe, yet it maintains a rich look due to the dark shade of green used. I also love how the bottom of the sweater is pleated and fitted, allowing you to perfectly tuck it into your pants or shorts without bunching up the visible portion of the sweater,I really enjoy the variety of v-neck sweater colors that are made available on the La Mode Men’s website. Another one of my favorites, and an absolute must have, is the luscious caramel color. This shade is reminiscent of dulce de leche, and offers you a shade of brown that it light and airy, as opposed to the typical dark and boring shades you may find elsewhere. The caramel colored v-neck sweater gives the perfect balance of casual comfort and sophisticated elegance, making it a prime choice for a work setting, as well as the ability to be worn to a fancy dinner party. La Mode Men’s also offers their v-neck sweaters in colors like classic black, dark gray, rich burgundy, pure red, and a gorgeous navy blue. You are sure to find at least a few colors that you will want to add to your sweater collection on this awesome online shop.So, now that you have a bit of background on the history of the v-neck sweater, and an idea of the timeless, classic appeal that it embodies, it is time to start building your collection. Your best bet is to start by adding some of the more neutral colors, and then venture into the bolder and more vivid looks. The only question now is which color are you going to choose first?

V Neck Sweater

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