The Luxury Cotton tee a Spin on the Classic White tee

Luxury Cotton Tee

In every man’s closet, you will find basic “must-have” pieces of wardrobe. These articles of clothing are completely versatile, which includes the casual tee. This has also been known as the basic white tee in the past. Every man since the beginning of time owns or has owned a casual tee. The casual tee wasn’t always a sought after piece of clothing. Men didn’t wear just a casual tee, it was usually seen as an undershirt. In the early days, if a man wore a white tee with jeans, he was considered to be a rebel or troublemaker. Think of James Dean, he wore a white tee with jeans and had a pack of cigarettes rolled in the sleeves. As time progressed, this attire was always associated with being a so-called bad guy. During this time the white tee was to be worn as an undershirt. Before the transformation of the casual tee, a man lacked sophistication or elegance if he walked out in public with a casual tee on. This iconic fashion piece has been transformed in every way. This includes the way it is made, the type of fabrics used, colors and the versatility of the tee. As time evolved, the way this essential piece of men’s attire evolved. It is now worn alone or as an undergarment. It is referred to as the luxury cotton tee or casual tee. It is no longer just white, many color options are ranging from salmon to teal, while still having your basic selection of colors, such as black or white. There are many styles to choose from, along with a variety of fabrics that they are made from. The fashion world has revolutionized the white tee into what is now the casual tee or luxury cotton tee this has put a spin on the classic white tee. The process from which this article of clothing is made has changed over time. The luxury cotton tee is made from double mercerized luxury cotton. Unlike the casual tees of the past, the innovative luxury cotton tee was made to give a polished yet comfortable look and feel. You can wear the casual tee and still create many styles. This innovation allows you to go from business to party to casual in a matter of seconds. As you are reading this, you are probably thinking to yourself and wondering what is all the hype about double mercerized luxury cotton tees. If you are unfamiliar with the fashion industry, let me explain what double mercerized means. It is the process in which cotton and fabric thread are treated with a solution that causes fibers to swell. When it is double mercerized, such as the luxury cotton tee, this means the material used to make the tee is mercerized as well. So what does this mean to you? It means that you can feel comfortable, without looking too comfortable. The benefits of double mercerized luxury cotton tees and casual tees are endless. The fiber threads used to make the shirts are stronger, and dyes can penetrate these fibers. This means the shirts made with these fibers appear smooth and the colors are lustrous. This process allows the shirts to resist staining and prevents the casual tee from stretching or shrinking. You’re probably thinking that all of this involves special care and handling. Wrong. It can be cleaned in hot water and regular soap and detergent. Now, why should you have the luxury cotton tee or casual tee as an essential part of your wardrobe? For starters, the versatility, to wear this shirt as an undershirt with a collared shirt or alone with khakis, shorts, and jeans, exuding diversified looks. The next reason is the quality of the material will last a long time. The colors won’t fade, the collar won’t stretch and you will always have a smooth and polished look. Owning a luxury cotton tee will nicely complement your wardrobe. If you are going to work, you can pair it with khakis, tucked in with a leather belt and a pair of loafers. For a night out with the boys, wear the casual tee with a nice pair of jeans, untucked with a nice pair of shoes. During the day you can look business casual and at night create a look that says you are ready to have fun. When adding the casual tee or luxury cotton tee to your wardrobe, make sure you choose a variety of colors and styles. Choose a few crew neck luxury cotton tees and some v-neck luxury cotton tees in colors like black, white, gray, blue and red. It’s important to always have the basic colors and one or two bold colors in your wardrobe selection. This will give you plenty of options to look stylish and put together while eliminating the need to go to the dry cleaners or constantly do laundry. The double mercerized luxury cotton tee requires simple care and still gives a luxurious appeal. When shopping for a luxury cotton tee or a casual tee, you need to make sure that you know what your options are. Most of your shopping can be done online, saving time and money. By searching online, you are not wasting gas and you can do everything from the comfort of your own home. One highly recommended place to shop online, is La Mode Men’s Online Shop. This place has a variety of men’s clothing. The options for the luxury cotton tee are limitless with colors and sizes. You can find the basic color selections, as well as salmon, lemon or turquoise. You can find sizes from S up to 2XL. The casual tees are double mercerized luxury cotton tees, so you have a smooth look whenever you go out. Now, what are you waiting for? Grab your computer or laptop and begin shopping. Once you shop at La Mode’s Men Online Shop, you will never want to shop anywhere else. Everything you want or need is all in one place, and the best part is that it is online.

Luxury Cotton Tee

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