The Classic Pinstripe Shirt Every Man Should Own

Pin Stripe Shirt

With regard to classic style, it is quite difficult to top the timeless design of the men’s pin stripe shirt. This superb yet simple design has really stood the test of time in a world of ever evolving fashion trends since it was introduced into the men’s clothing world many decades ago. It is also easily one of the most extremely versatile designs of men’s dress shirts available and can be worn in a wide range of settings thanks to its pretty simple layout and color scheme. Ever since the dress shirt came about in the realm of men’s apparel, there has been a constant evolution of quality, production methods, designs, and general affordability. If you take a good look back at the history of men’s clothing, you will be able to see that the dress shirt was originally an ultra luxurious piece of clothing that was typically reserved for royalty and members of the royal court in many countries. Throughout European history, in particular, the dress shirt has always had its place as a symbol of wealth, power, and sophistication. The manufacturing process for these early dress shirts consisted of sourcing the highest quality materials available at the time. Clothing designers would spend many days and hours seeking out the herdsmen with the best quality of sheep’s wool to that could be easily refined and woven into the perfect fabric from which they could then create these wearable masterpieces. Once the fabric was created, using the most advanced old world methods of that specific era, the clothing designers would have to come up with unique and intricate designs that would be appropriate for royals to wear to signify their place in the upper echelon of society. They would then create a variety of dress shirts that they felt worthy of being shown to kings, princes, and high level military officials, and proceed to coordinate showings to the direct servants of these members of the royal hierarchy. If approved, the designers were then given the chance to show off their works before the members of the royal family in the hopes that one or many of them would take a liking to the pieces of apparel that were being presented to them. Back in those historic days, much like today, if their designs were approved by members of the royal court, the notoriety attached with their apparel pieces being worn by royalty was much desired. The remainder of the process would consist of them measuring the men who had selected their dress shirts in order to create custom fitting pieces to be perfectly tailored to fit their bodies. This used to be a very long process because everything was done by hand back in those days. Thankfully, in today’s modern world, the process of finding the perfect pin stripe shirt is so much easier, thanks to many advancements in the design and production process. Plus, let us not forget that nowadays you are able to browse through tens of thousands of designs on your computer, cell phone, and tablet. Best of all, you do not even need to be a member of a royal family, or spend huge amounts of money, in order to find the perfect dress shirts to build your wardrobe. As time went on, and the clothing that was formerly reserved for royalty began to become more accessible to the general public, dress shirts became a growing trend among elite members of society that would be worn at fancy soirees or even in while conducting business dealings. Another place where these shirts started to be worn more often were university and collegiate settings. Of course, members of the faculty within the world of academia were highly esteemed and wished to present themselves in a manner that would mark their place within the upper levels of society. Fast forward a hundred years or so, and members of the middle class started to wear dress shirts more often and in a wider variety of places than had been previously seen in our history. A plain dress shirt could now be worn on a more daily basis, so there was a need for more options when it came to the styles that were available in order to differentiate between a formal look and a more casual style. When the pin stripe dress shirt design was first introduced, it almost immediately became one of the most popular and sought after designs that the men’s fashion world had ever seen. This wonderfully simple design added a bit of flavor to an otherwise dull set of options when it came to men’s apparel. The pin stipe shirt is now considered a staple that every modern man should have in their closet, and there are multiple versions of this type of dress shirt available to us, allowing the men of today to collect these beautiful pieces and create an almost endless wardrobe centered around these timeless gems of fashion. With the wide selection of styles available today, you can wear a classic pin stripe shirt in so many different ways. One of my personal favorites is to pair a blue shirt with white pin stripes together with a set of light colored khaki shorts. For this look, it is suggested that you roll the sleeves up about halfway to create the ultimate summer vibes with a touch of class. Of course, these dress shirts may also be worn with a nice pair of denim jeans for a smart casual look, whether tucked in with a nice belt or worn loosely with the perfect timepiece and a pair of sleek sunglasses. Then, there is always the choice to wear one of these versatile shirts with a suit and tie, allowing you to show a bit of personality when compared to a traditional solid color dress shirt. As you can see, the pin stripe shirt gives you limitless options when putting your look together. One of the best places to add to your collection is the La Mode Men’s online shop, where they have a wide array of these as well as every other piece you need to build the perfect outfit. Happy shopping!

Pin Stripe Shirt

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