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Ask any woman, your mother, sister, cousin, or any other girl in your life what they want to see guys wear, and I assure you that a guy in a dress shirt is one of the sexiest things they’ll ever see. Women adore men who dress sharply, and while a suit may be overkill, a dress shirt is just right; it’s the right amount of sexiness without making you feel uncomfortable or as if you’re attempting to overdo it. Today’s blog will show you eight tricks you can use to make your dress shirts look sexier instantly.


# Number 1, and probably the most important thing you need to do, is to show off some chest. Boys, you don’t want to be the nerd that buttons their shirt all the way up. You look like you’re constricting yourself and you’re suffocating. Now, of course, if you’re going to be asking for money or a raise, you’re going to need to wear a tie, which means yes, at that point you do want to bind it all the way up. But anytime you’re not wearing a tie, you want to let go of at least two or three buttons to just expose the right amount of chest. Think of this as a tease. Women will just be drawn.


# Number 2 Boys, roll up your sleeves! This is the quickest method to get sexier in a dress shirt since, while being formal, you still want to display some skin when wearing this garment. Don’t ask me why, since you can research it and ask any girl you want, but forearms are beautiful to women. They’ll gravitate toward you. They’ll think you’re hot. That implies you don’t want to cover them up with a formal shirt. What you want to do is roll up your dress shirt to reveal your forearms, and if you’re clever, if you read our blogs, that implies you’re wearing a great watch. It’s going to expose your watch and show her higher stats.


# Number 3 is something you can’t skip out on. You need to make sure it fits perfectly. It doesn’t matter if it’s only $10; you’re going to look like a million bucks. The hardest part about off-the-rack shirts is that they never fit you like this. The shirt looks like it was tailor-made for you. It literally has a v-shape on your body and has a significant drop, and it fits like a glove. You’ll never get that anywhere else unless it’s a whole lot of pain in the wrong place because you’ll need a friend or a tailor to measure you, but that is exactly why I love La Mode men’s clothing; the fitting is so perfect and comfortable that it feels like a tailor-made shirt, especially to make you look dapper and sharp with premium quality fabric, so don’t miss out. Check out our versatile and wide range of collections today and pick that shirt that every girl around you will be drooling over.

# Number 4 Improve the fabric quality of your shirt. Typically, a lower quality shirt or lower quality cotton tends to be a rough, almost cardboard-like shirt that gives you a rough silhouette and a boxy effect. Think la mode men’s shirts. When you trade up to a higher quality fabric like this, what you’re going to notice is that it’s going to drape significantly better, almost like silk on your body. It’s going to highlight your body’s best features and then curve. This is why you should stop wearing low-quality shirts like rough cotton that give you that boxy effect and instead upgrade to premium or luxury quality fabrics that better shape your body and make you look sexier, and with la mode men’s clothing, as I previously stated, you don’t necessarily have to spend more money, you just have to buy them at the right place.

# Number 5: Get your basic colors first, such as white, blue, and black. These solid colors are not only more adaptable but also widely perceived as hotter and more beautiful when you see a guy in a black shirt. Think like John Wick when you see a guy in a white shirt you just look like a boss like a CEO that’s why the fundamentals are better once you’ve established that, of course, have fun with your designs and patterns since now you have your essentials covered that make you appear hot


# Number 6 understands patterns and illusions. You see, the beautiful thing about dress shirts, unlike any other type of clothing, is that you can use patterns to give the illusion, like an optical illusion, that can hide your imperfections and then highlight your best features. For example, if you’re a skinny lanky dude and you want to add some bulk and beef to your frame, then you pick shirts with big patterns. This draws the eye out and makes it seem as if you’re expanding or bigger than what you really are. On the other hand, if you’re a bigger guy with love handles and want to look a little tighter, a little slimmer, use shirts with smaller patterns that will draw the eye into the small patterns, making the overall frame look smaller.

Banded Collar Shirt

# Number 7 Play around with collars. Shirts aren’t all cut the same way, and the beautiful part about shopping on la mode men’s website is that you get multiple options. You can choose different collars, whether you want a pointed collar, a cutaway collar, a button-down collar, Shirts, or a banded collar. Every different collar serves a different purpose and will bring you different benefits or levels of sexiness to your wardrobe personally. For example, I love banded collars, and I love the fact that they’re more casual. You feel more relaxed but still, look sexy.

Gingham Shirt

# Number 8 When a man tucks in his shirt, he transforms from an ordinary person to a dude who makes a hundred racks a year. You simply appear more professional. The beauty of tucking in a shirt is that it not only gives the image of higher status, but it also cinches your waistline. When you tighten your waist, you seem more polished, put together, and better. It draws attention to your body and makes you appear more appealing.

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