Reasons Why You Should Wear A Banded Collar Shirt

Banded Collar Shirt

Every man wants to look like a gentleman! The need now is to make an ordinary-looking man change into a gentleman with aesthetic sense. Well, this is not a herculean task. You can do it easily with a minimum ensemble. You may have to give it a little thought and you are there. Anyone can carry the look of a gentleman and make heads turn towards him. So, go for it!

When it comes to impressing someone, dress plays a vital role. The shirt you wear, the way you look, everything plays a crucial role. There are multiple ways to look cool and calm, as it is for men. Wearing a Banded collar shirt is always an option to up your fashion statement. A banded collar shirt has been a major fashion item since the 1920s. The shirt’s neckband lays flat on you and that’s the difference. The Mandarin and Nehru collars stand up while the banded collars stay put. If you’re intending at buying a band collar shirt, then options are plenty. Here are a few reasons why you should use a banded collar shirt.


If you have plenty of collared shirts in your closet, it is time to up your fashion game and set forth to banded collar shirts. Band collar shirts have always been in the Men’s style game for ages. It gives a new style to your shirt and style. Collars are of many kinds and choosing the right kind of collar is the key.


T-shirts are trending and that’s the way to casually express yourself. You can convey What you are in a trendy fashion. One step up! Yes, that’s what is a band collar shirt. You are one step up when you wear a band collar shirt and you are your true self in it. A Band collar shirt is as comfortable as a t-shirt. You can choose the right fabric for maximum comfort.


The banded collar shirts are apt for summer wear. They place lesser constraints on you. The lower layer allows adequate airflow. It also gives a level of sophistication. It also presents you as a casual person. Your neck is sure to thank you for the lesser stress.


Banded collars look great when you wear them with a tuxedo or a sweatshirt. You can choose a top-end blazer for your board meeting, layer it with a banded collar and look great in no time. You can also layer it with a V-neck sweater in the winter months. Keep the top button of the shirt unbuttoned. Impress everyone with your banded collar and a sweatshirt.


A casual look is a gift you get when you wear a BANDED COLLAR. Banded collar shirts are most popular in the MEN’s CASUAL SHIRT SEGMENT. You can choose what you want to wear at the bottom, like wearing good trousers, pair them with a banded collar and look great. Choose to tuck, untuck or half-tuck it or choose joggers, denim, and chinos. Go for a casual belt and shoes. If you want to up your look, then roll your sleeves. You can unbutton the top of your shirt if you are living in warmer regions. You can choose your level of casualness with the number of buttons you leave unbuttoned.


You can wear a blazer or a sweatshirt and make it look dressy! It is easy to pair it with any kind of clothing. You can unbutton your shirt to give it a modern look.


  • Banded collar shirts are a go-to for cooler summers. The material of the shirt is not heavy and makes you feel really lighter during summer. How to wear it in summer? You can try to wear it with shorts or suspenders and they go well with both. Once you wear this, all the eyes are going to be on you.
  • You may have to ace the stylish look when you go to a party. Banded collar shirts are worth a try if you want to make heads turn. You can wear a banded collared shirt on a blazer and, you can simply make a style statement. Also, ace the simple and good look for business events with band-collared shirts. Wear it under a jumper, unbutton it on the top and look royal, or use banded collar shirts as a Sunday lunch ensemble. Oh, this can be a perfect look, even on a date!


Now, that you have got all the details of the banded collared shirts, why you should choose and how you should wear them you cannot go without buying one. Yes, these shirts are way more comfortable than you may think. If comfort is a gift, then the look that comes with it is a luxury. The main point here is you don’t have to think or act fancy to look gentlemanly. You have to put it on and, you are going to look ready for any occasion, impress your girl on a date or grab a business deal wearing this simple shirt. Look as perfect as possible.

If colors are what you are worried about, then there are many. You may choose the color you like, the one that will suit you the best and the job is done. It doesn’t add burden to your skin and they are too light for summer days.

So, what’s stopping you from buying these. Try one for yourself and get convinced. You are sure to come back for more. “Anything old is new in fashion with the right twist”- give your fashion choices the right twist and impress the crowd around.

Banded Collar Shirt

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