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Polo shirts are the types of shirt every man should have this is because they fall in between a dress shirt and a t-shirt. They are perfect wear on various occasion in life they are not formal, and they are not outright casual. Polo short sleeves shirts are great for backyard BBQs, summer holidays, first dates or in during instances when you don’t know exactly your plans for your evenings or even the day. Polo shirt short sleeve is relaxed, comfortable, breathable everyday wear which upgrades the uniqueness in your summer style. When you step out from your apartment, there is a feeling of confidence that comes with how you look. The attention and compliments from your buddies make you feel even better .therefore in this article I will help you to elevate your look by giving you ideas on how to wear polo short sleeve casual shirt in style.




Do not pop the collar this trend has been going on with a lot of men as they called it a` swag’ .it really looks outdated and douchey. However, in cases when there is a lot of sun rays, and you need to protect your neck from the sun, then you can do so freely.Do not opt for a polo shirt with a pocket. As much as it impresses visually, with time it looks saggy and not appealing anymore and distracts the shirts sharpness. Opt for polo that don’t have a pocket; however you can pick a polo with pockets which have a security button to stay closed.Do not wear an undershirt. A polo short sleeve shirt is designed in a manner that it should be worn as a single layer or a base close to the body, therefore wearing an undershirt adds bulkiness underneath, and can peep out through the collar or the neckline. However, if you must wear an undershirt opt for the ones which neckline will get noticed.Do not wear a shirt with a large polo logo. Aim for shirts with small or even without the logo if possible shirts with the large logo look garish.Do not wear athletic shirts for casual wear .polo designed for sports like tennis or golf are made from synthetic material and are made in a way to ease movement; they look only inside the court.


You can choose to tuck or un tuck your polo shirt depending on the events. Either way, you are good to go. However, my advice is if you want a formal look to tuck your polo, for example, if you have worn a blazer on top you will look great if you tuck. If you want a casual look like on a day out in the beach with friends, your polo may stay un tucked. Note that some polo shirts have a longer back than the front; therefore, these kind are designed to be tucked.Button up few or at least one button. Not buttoning any buttons looks careless and floppy. Buttoning one button looks more classic and stylish. Again buttoning all the buttons looks sappy and changes even the entire look of the polo shirt.Have a collection of essential and reliable shades like white, black and blue. These colors go with any pants or shorts you put on.Also get attractive and bright colors such as pink, green, purple and red these will enhance your complexion, style and have a unique look.


Polo shirts are quite flexible therefore they can be worn in a classy day at the races or even in beach. It’s how we will wear it that matters.

To enhance your look and have a casual look you can pair your un tucked polo with, canvas sneakers, a field watch, khaki shorts and a pair of shades. This combination will give you a unique casual style. Alternatively to you can swap your khaki pants with chinos or dark denim and wear Chelsea boots, boat shoes or chukkas rather than sneakers this will increase sharpness in your style.

For a formal look, you can opt for your knit retro-styled wool polo with jeans or chinos actual pants. Tuck the shirt in and pair it with leather loafers and a beautiful belt. Remember to stick to your plain polo instead of the stripped or patterned ones to give you a formal look. Am a bit crazy with this look most around here professionals dress this way on Fridays, and they look totally hot.

Polo shirt with sweat pants. Put on a plain polo shirt with a bright shade, especially if your sweats are dark .then complete the look with your low top stylish sneakers and a duffel bag. This gives a sophisticated and a cute swag and looking absolutely for your day even, remember to ensure the pair of cloth is fitting and clean.

For smart casual attire go for a traditional polo shirt with a blazer and trousers .if you need to stand out you can wear a polo shirt which is bright colored like pink, red, purple. However, darker colors also are favorable depending on the event.


POLO short-sleeved shirt is all you need to look different and change people perception on your fashion taste. Polo shirts will enhance your looks and make you look good than usual .if you want to stand out in crowd follow the above tips, and I promise you will not be disappointed even slightly. The advantage which comes with polo shirts is that you can wear them as casual wear or formal wear. Therefore if you only choose a fitting polo shirt which should not be too long, too short, too tight or too loose, get a polo shirt that will enable you to move around comfortably. Did I mention that polo shirts emphasize your upper physique? Here polo shirt accentuates your muscles which will leave people turning to take as

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Polo Shirt

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