Platino Woven

Platino Woven

The world of Men’s fashion is constantly evolving as the day goes by, there is, however, a notion that quality and trendy men’s fashion wear must be expensive. There is, however, a brand in the market that is gradually carving a niche for itself by creating beautiful, fashionable and affordable clothing for men, it is the Lamodemens brand. One of such stylish shirts made by this brand is the Platino Woven dress shirt.  Most men have difficulty with choosing the right shirt that complements their body size, feel comfortable in and at the same time look trendy and fashionable. There are limited options in the market for them to consider. Most often they have to compromise their comfort to look trendy because the options that are available may not be perfect for them. There is, however, good news for fashion lovers. The Platino Woven shirt by Lamodemens addresses the fashion needs of men and still gives them the desired comfort at a very affordable price.  The Platino Woven shirt by Lamode is a short sleeve dress shirt for men that have different sizes of collars crafted in the most professional way. This dress shirt is designed to make you, not just look trendy but also feel comfortable and elegant. the shirts come in different color shades such as white, Blue, White, Black and other exotic colors that can be matched with just but any color of trouser or jacket of your choice. They also come in various sizes to fit any body size ranging from Small, large, Extra Large and double extra large. A good thing about the size of this shirt is that it has a way of flattering and perfectly complementing any body size be it small or extra larger. It can also be worn by any adult of any age and still look very beautiful.  The Lamodemens woven Platino shirts are made with hundred percent light cotton, which helps to keep you warm and cozy in both hot and cold weather conditions. You can wear the shirt under a coat in the ice cold winter season and still feel warm, you can also wear it during the hot summer without feeling too hot. This makes it easy for you to stay stylish and trendy no matter what the weather is like, the weather won’t be able to dictate to you what to wear as far as you have a Platino woven shirt in your wardrobe.  The beautiful cotton material it is made with also makes it easy to blend very well with just about any jacket or blazer (bomber or leather jackets) you decide to wear it with. It can also go well with shorts, jeans, khaki or chinos pants. Asides the fact that This shirt is just a universal shirt and it fits just about anything, it is also perfect for any type of occasion;you can wear it to the office under a crisp blazer, or to an evening date, or to the shopping mall and even for a short stroll to the park. No matter the occasion or the event, as far as you are wearing the Lamode Platino woven shirt, you have nothing to fear. You do not need to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to get impressed with your appearance, this shirt will definitely make heads turn in your direction to admire your elegant and polished look all day long. In addition, this shirt is the perfect choice of shirt if you will be spending a long time outside.   It is designed in such a way that you can wear it from morning till night without feeling uncomfortable, the light cotton will not irritate your skin, neither will you feel too hot or get itchy from wearing it for so long.  Another good thing about this shirt is that it has a slim fit design which makes it fit men from eighteen years and above perfectly, this shirt has a way of taking the attention off, whatever flaw you may feel uncomfortable about, for example, a pot belly, it conceals it in a beautiful way the silhouette of the wearer is enhanced in such a beautiful way that it gives off nothing but a beautiful air of elegance, thereby making you feel more confident in your appearance.  The sleeves of this shirt are short and folded in at the edge to give it a more posh and trendy look and making it perfect for being worn under a jacket or a blazer. It also has button running through from the collar to the bottom of the shirt.  The cotton fabric that this shirt is made of, is easy to wash with hand and can also be washed in a washing machine. It is not heavy, therefore drying it won’t take too much time. It is very easy to iron and doesn’t get rumpled easily The color does not fade easily no matter how often you wash it, as far as it is well maintained and the seams won’t get loose, the buttons are also fastened well that they won’t come off.  Basically this shirt is designed to serve you for a very long while, no matter how long you have had this shirt and no matter how many times you have worn it, it will always look new any time you wear it’s definitely not one of those shirts you can easily get tired of wearing and easily get rid of,it will serve you for a very long time.  This shirt is very affordable, and should definitely cost more than the price La Mode Men’s sells it. The quality far outweighs the price. The good thing is that, though it is very affordable, it still gives you a very rich and exotic appearance that no one will believe it’s actual cost.  Asides being a perfect choice of shirt for you, the Platino Woven shirt can also be a great gift for your male loved ones. It is a timeless and seasonless gift idea, it can serve as a birthday gift, an anniversary gift, a valentine days gift and even a Christmas gift for your husband, father, father in law, boyfriend, cousin, nephew, best friend, brother or even your grandfather. This is definitely one gift they won’t forget in a hurry.

Platino Woven Shirt

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