Men’s white Shirt

Men's white Shirt


A white shirt should be one of a staple in your wardrobe. It emanates a clean, elegant, uncomplicated look. It gives the wearer much confidence, as it can almost always fit any man who wears a white shirt.

A plain white shirt gives an illusion of broad shoulders, tapered abdomen, and a slim waist for men, giving them a well-proportioned body and high signs of masculinity that are extremely favored by women.

It goes well with anything in your wardrobe, and it is like a clean canvas that you can draw the appearance that you like and the look you are going for.

It has always been classic wear that doesn’t go out of style, and if you are smart, you can even wear it many days a week if you have three or five of this shirt and follow the right way to wear it in various ways.

Here are the advantages of wearing a white shirt

  • Gives a distinct simplicity for the wearer with the elegance and versatility that gives you a unique style.
  • You can have a different-sized shirt like a fitted white shirt, a loose white shirt, or just the right size to fit your body.
  • There are also different materials for a white shirt and can also give you a unique style every time you wear it.
  • The white shirt is the easiest piece of clothing that you can pair with a trouser or shorts of various colors.
  • It is comfortable to wear it any day of the year, and most especially when it is summer.
  • It will not show you sweating too much during the summer heat, and you are meeting a client, compared to different colored shirts.
  • It can be your go-to outfit for formal, casual, or even street outfit.


  • You can wear a white shirt with khaki pants for a smart look. A black or navy color can also go well with a white shirt. You can wear this pairing for a summer getaway or even for an active summer look to meet colleagues and friends.
  • White shirt paired with a black or dark navy trousers plus a jacket is a classic pairing. It will also get you anywhere from a simple office meeting to a night out with friends or just a few drinks in a bar.
  • If you are gunning for a streetwear look, then a white T-shirt, a hoodie, sneakers, or trousers can be your ally. You can feel cool, even while you are out on a walk or just lounging at the gym. It is best if you pair the white shirt with a color that will also make your entire outfit stand out.
  • A white shirt with jeans is a go-to for men who are always on the go. It is cool plus sophisticated at the same time. When you need to go to one location to another, and you only have little time to prepare for it, then getting a white shirt from your closet is the easiest thing to do. Jeans can be distressed jeans, or perhaps cleaner jeans to complete the look. It will work both ways.
  • White shirt paired with a suit is for men who have things going for them, a high-paying job, a well-built body, and just the right confidence. This pairing will give you that appeal you are hoping for -brooding, good-looking, and well dressed for the occasion. The trick here is finding the right-sized shirt for your built cause you can’t wear a loose and awkward fit under a nice, expensive suit. You can look for the best white shirt that is measured correctly from your neck and your torso.
  • A white shirt plus a good pair of shorts exude a getaway feel. It boasts of summer outings and vacation at the beach. Mostly worn during hot, scorching days and will keep you comfortable while doing so. It is a wise investment to buy a white shirt and a particular pair of shorts to go with it. It can be a Bermuda short, pleated short, denim, or plaid.

Your shoes will also be something to consider when you depend on your white shirt where a fine, white sneaker can keep you company for a casual day out with clients, or you might choose loafers or whatever you feel would go well with your perfect white shirt.

Although a white shirt can give you a look of elegance and style while wearing it, using a white shirt that is not clean is a big no-no. So how do you take care of your white shirt?

For any stain that may have splattered on your white shirt, make sure that you immediately clean it once you get the chance to do so. Bleach can be your ally in removing dark stains and dirt and make sure you have read the instructions first before bleaching.

Always check for any stubborn dirt or discoloration on your shirt and laundry to ascertain that you have removed it, check the collar, and foldings of your white shirt frequently.

The armpit zone of the white shirt is the primary target of discoloration, so make sure you are washing this side thoroughly. This also applies to the collar area as the yellowing also starts from there.

Although there are DIY steps for removing oil stains on clothing and with a white shirt, some oil stains don’t want to quit and will still stick no matter how you clean and wash it. This may require you for a shirt replacement as an oil stain will not look good on a white shirt.

Your white shirt may be your dependable shirt for any occasion and at any time of the year, but please remember that even if it is white, it will still look unpleasant when discoloration starts. You can bleach it as much, wash it often and have it laundered daily, but still, it will soon show signs of wear and tear. This goes to show that you need to replace it with a new and immaculate white shirt.

White Shirt

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