Luxury Cotton Tee

Luxury Cotton Tee

Why You Should Wear Luxury Cotton Tees

When you buy a cheap cotton shirt, it will shrink after just two times of wearing it. It will also start unthreading. So, you have to buy another one, and it doesn’t save your money but you spend more on your pocket money.

So, have you ever thought of investing in a luxury tee-shirt? If you haven’t then, allow that thought in your head. This type of tee-shirts is made with durable and fine material, that is not found in cheap ones. No matter how many times you wear them. They will not shrink, unthread, or gets stained. They will give you the better cost and the satisfaction of wearing shirts. So, why should choose luxury cotton tee-shirts? Here, check the reasons.

High-quality cotton

When you go for premium t-shirts, you must know that you are putting your money in the right place. They not only fit you perfectly but give you the best comfort of cotton. These are made with 100% organic material, and from combed, 40 single, and ring-spun, garment-dyed cotton. You might not understand what combed means, let’s make it easier for you.

Combed means the fibers are treated, and it is done before the threads are spun in the yarn. The material is given special treatment, and the result comes out in its durability. Then, the ring-spun means, that the yarn is made of the strong and soft rope of cotton fibers. In traditional firms the ropes are made with vegetable fibers, these are cheap yarn. When you go for Luxury Cotton Tee, you will high quality yarn spun threads, and that gives the clothing the soft feeling, and it lasts longer.

Then, 137 GSM and 40 single means the weight of the thread. If the count is higher, the thread will be the best. This results in finer and tight weaving, also it becomes lightweight and breathable material. Then, comes the 100% organic part, where the cotton is free of pesticides and any type of harmful chemicals. Also, it uses less water than normal cotton t-shirts. Then, garment-dyed cotton means the t-shirts are made and then, it goes through a dying process. This is a very special procedure and has so many benefits. This makes the t-shirt feel soft and comfortable, and it never shrinks.

Durable t-shirts

It is already explained that luxury cotton t-shirts are made of high-quality materials, and it goes through a special dying process, and that makes it unshrinkable. But what it means to you?

This means they become highly durable, and you won’t just be purchasing them, but making an investment that pays off. This is different than the cheap t-shirts that shrink and come apart even after two times of wearing them. With premium cotton clothing, you will get the best looks and long-time service. Also, with luxury t-shirts, you won’t have to deal with underarm sweat patches, that become yellow after a time. With the good quality cotton t-shirts, you will not get this nuisance, and it will look new even after you are using it for months.

Sustainable and fair trade

Luxury t-shirts are not just good products, but they make a commitment to the buyers and give them the best impact. The quality of the clothes speaks for themselves. These are environment friendly and lasts long.

Other benefits of luxury cotton t-shirts

There are also other benefits of using Spring Tee. Not only they are beneficial because they are made of cotton, but they give the best comfort of high-quality material.

Cooling properties

If you love wearing t-shirts, you know how breathable the fabric is. When you wear luxury t-shirts in summer months, you will get to breathe and air will pass through. The best part of using luxury material is that it won’t stick to your body, and there won’t be any discomfort either. Cotton will absorb the moisture and let you breathe properly. You can wear any color you want and it won’t get the extra hot feeling even though you wear dark colors.

Super soft

Luxury cotton t-shirts are super soft, which you won’t get from normal clothing. The moment you put your palm over the shirt, you will feel the softness of it. You can wear premium shirts under your dress shirt, and you will not feel the discomfort of the crisp formal cloth. You will have a soft feeling on your skin, and there will be no irritation. Even though you wash the shirts several times, premium clothes will give you the same new feeling. Also, you can wear high-quality shirts in any official gathering, or tropical environment, and the comfort and style will be the same.


When you wear luxury cotton t-shirts, you will not get any red patches or irritation on your skin. 100% of organic materials are the best in this case. You will feel the impact the moment you start to wear them. Starting from the fabric and then the material nothing will fade away, and you will get the same comfort for months. Also, you won’t have any question on its durability, as luxury cotton t-shirts do not unthread, or shrink easily. Your skin stays dry throughout the day, and you get to breathe properly, even though the weather is humid.

Easy care

If you are thinking you have to go through an extensive care routine for your Luxury Cotton Tee, let’s shed that headache now. This is because, these are high-quality materials, and they are made with care, so they don’t wear out easily. Also, you just wash them normally as you wash your other clothes. You can put the t-shirts with other materials in the machine, and it won’t seep any color. So, you can save so much time in the laundry. You also, won’t need ironing the t-shirts, because they don’t shrink. You will get different types of material on cotton t-shirts, and you just have to choose the luxury ones.

You will always find the best benefits of luxury cotton t-shirts. As they are made of high-quality material, you will get the best impact after purchasing them. These t-shirts will give you the worth of your money, and you will be able to use them for years.

Luxury Cotton Tee

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