Lightweight Windbreaker

Lightweight Windbreaker

Lightweight Windbreaker

During spring, the weather is windy but not cold enough to necessitate the need for a sweater or a jacket. Plus, light showers are usually experienced unexpectedly. These factors combined make it challenging to choose the right outfit when going out, whether for a walk, run, or a jog.

At La Mode Men’s, we are dedicated to making the adult male feel look good, thus boost their confidence. We specialize in men’s outwear to include shirts, lightweight windbreakers, sweaters, and ties. All our products are available in a variety of colors and designs.

What is Windbreaker?

The term windbreaker has been used since ancient times to describe a sort of garment worn to keep one warm. As time went by, the meaning was fine-tuned to refer to a thin fabric garment that is the lighter version of a jacket. It is usually of lightweight construction, hence the name – lightweight windbreaker.

The Need for a Lightweight Windbreaker

A lightweight breaker is the most versatile piece of clothing you can own as a man. As per the laws of physics, heat loss is magnified when there is air movement, be it a gentle breeze or a howling wind. When you run, jog, workout, or simply take a walk, you sweat, and the heat loss effect is magnified further.

I am sure you have had an experience where after taking a rest from running in the windy weather, you became too cold and could not warm up. That was the effect of convective heat loss. Were you wearing a lightweight windbreaker, you would not have experienced this, as a windbreaker provides the perfect barrier to heat loss.

Consequently, a lightweight windbreaker allows you to enjoy your outdoor fun activities in the windy weather without the worry of getting cold. You do not have to wait for the pleasant sunny weather to go hiking, camping, cycling, running, or jogging. Besides keeping you warm, this fantastic piece of clothing has several other benefits to include;-

It weighs not more than three ounces, thus super light to let you enjoy your outdoor activities. Thanks to unique design, it is easy and convenient to pack. Simply stuff it into its pocket and fit it in your bag. It will not take up a lot of space. When compared to jackets and sweaters, it is relatively cheap. Also, it is very versatile for hiking, running, jogging, camping, and even winter. It protects you from dust, mud, and rain.

How to Choose a Lightweight Windbreaker

If you plan to participate in any outdoor activity in the windy weather, a lightweight windbreaker is a must purchase. Finding the right one can be a hustle, especially with the different types available on the market. Because we care about you and want to make your decision-making process pain free, here is a list of things you should consider when making a purchase.


Wind-resistance and breathability are two dependent attributes that are crucial to the functionality of a lightweight jacket. These two factors are determined by the type of material used. Lightweight jackets are made from thin fabrics that allow smooth circulation of air. If no air can move through, then the coat will be wind resistant.

However, if plenty of air can pass through, the jacket is breathable but wind-resistant. Striking a balance between the two can be challenging, though identifying why you need the windbreaker can be helpful.


First, you need to understand that there is a difference between a jacket being water-resistant and being waterproof. Being water-resistant means water does not affect the integrity of the windbreaker while being waterproof means the jacket does not let water pass through. Not all lightweight windbreakers can guarantee their ability to protect you from drenching.

The more light a windbreaker is, the thinner its fabric, and the more breathable it is. Hence, it is less likely to be waterproof. While a lightweight jacket gives you freedom and comfort when cycling or running, the final decision will rest on how you intend to use the windbreaker.


A windbreaker is not a piece of clothing you intend to put on one time and dispose of, nor are you planning to be always on the market for a new one. One mistake most people make when purchasing a lightweight jacket, is they tend to concentrate too much on the weight and forget about its service life.

Again, the type of fabric and construction of the item will determine how long it will last. Plus, how you care for the jacket will also influence its service life. If you hand wash a piece tailored to be machine washed, it is more likely the windbreaker will not last long. Always read the tag on the neck to get precise instructions.


Some jackets are designed with detachable hoods, while others come without a hat. Again the purpose of the lightweight windbreaker will determine how you want the overhead. If you are looking for a jacket to wear while running, look for one with a detachable hood. This way, you can tuck it away or remove it without affecting your running.

A jacket with an adjustable hat is perfect for cycling so that you can comfortably wear it over the helmet.


Lightweight jackets are purely made of synthetic materials, whether nylon, polyester or fleece. The materials possess different qualities that could make you either reject or choose a windbreaker. While the nylon material is durable and resistant to wind and water, it is not absorbent. Plus it can be noisy to wear. Fleece lining is ideal for people living in chilly weather. Polyester is soft, durable, lightweight.


As long as you cannot afford an item, it does not benefit you. Always try to find a balance between quality and how much you are willing to spend. If an item is too expensive, you can convince your friends to pull together you buy in bulk or wait for a sale. Either way, you get quality for your money.

Final Words

The team at La Mode Men’s is dedicated to helping you find the right outdoor jacket. We would highly recommend that you check out our lightweight windbreaker. It is the perfect definition of light and waterproof. Plus, it has a hidden hood stows on its collar.

Lightweight Windbreaker

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