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Gingham Shirt

The Gingham pattern is one of the most popular dressing materials and shirt patterns today in the USA and Europe, among other regions of the world. The Gingham shirts are sold online as well as offline and make for comfortable wear both during the summer or the spring months. But before you buy a gingham pattern shirt for yourself, you would like to know more about its origins.


The word Gingham is derived from the word “Genggang” of Malayan origins. The fabric is said to have originated in the South East Asian part of the world. While the real meaning of the word Gingham is striped, the Gingham chequered shirts are usually popular today. The fabric’s material may itself be 5 centuries old and therefore many of the meanings may get lost or translated in the due course of time. Some of the important characteristics and features of Gingham shirts are given below.

● The yarn material of the fabric is dyed, after which it is woven. The fabric is distinguished for being “dyed in a yarn”.

● The shirts carry a lightweight texture on either of the faces, as the uncolored yarns (weft) go against the colored yarns.

● The texture and the characteristics of the material ensure that it is a reversible fabric.

● At the onset, the neutral yarns were considered to be perfect for the stripe shirts, as they carried a good balance between the fabric colors.

Irrespective of its eastern origins, the Gingham shirts and patterns are now hugely popular in the West. In due course of time, the signifying characteristic of “stripes” is lost. The westward movement and adoption of the fabric and pattern may go back to the 18th century. At this time certain factories in the United States and Manchester (England) were facing financial difficulties. These companies and factories however found a rescue in the Gingham fabric and started producing apparel using it to revive their condition and to improve the struggling economy. The raw fabric was used to manufacture and produce the chequered pattern shirts or the chequered shirts. The trademark and fabric were comfortable and made for a good-looking, reliable, and lasting material. Its popularity slowly spread throughout the world and the Gingham pattern is now the choice of bankers as well as the literary types.


A Gingham shirt is typically tailored using two colors. It makes for a recurring pattern and can provide a perfect and decent look. The shirts are comfortable to be worn during the spring, fall, and summer seasons and are style statements when you can match them well with the other clothing you wear.

FORMAL OCCASIONS: Gingham shirts blend majestically and smartly with formal trousers. The formal pitch can be elevated even further by putting on a coat or a blazer. However, the formal looks of the entire attire are bolstered and improved when a dark-colored shirt is matched with the lighter color trouser and vice versa. Other accessories including the perfect shoes and the watch can make one stand out from the crowd.

CASUAL OCCASIONS: the Gingham shirts are versatile enough to be used in occasional clothing and wear. For instance, when these lightly textured shirts are worn along with chinos or jeans, they make for stylish, comfortable, and cool casual wear that may bring in a super casual look. The shirt should not be tucked in if they are worn along with a pair of jeans. Nice and in-trend sneakers may go well along with them.


The popular gingham pattern and the fabric are used at many different instances and occasions as well, apart from being used for formal or occasional apparel and shirts.

AT THE BEACHES- the beach towels and bathing suits can be made using gingham pattern and it is a popular pattern adopted throughout the world. The beachwear is however made using the printed gingham patterns and not woven gingham.

WORKPLACES- the Gingham non-formal and occasional wear are popular throughout the world. The dresses and button-down shirts made of Gingham material go along well with a pair of jeans or slacks. The Gingham pattern shirts are available in both long-sleeve or short-sleeve designs and styles.

ACCESSORIES- gingham shirts can also be used for accessorizing. Some popular items made using gingham fabric and material include headbands, scars, and squares.

DRESSING- The Gingham pattern and material is often used in capes, gowns, jackets, and other kinds of dresses.

HOME DECORATION- your home can be beautifully decorated by using the Gingham pattern table cloths, chair upholstery, bed linens, and window treatments. The neutral plaid patterns can complement all kinds of interiors.


The Gingham shirts are easily available due to their huge popularity and constant demand. They can be purchased online as well as offline at a reasonable cost. These shirts make for stylish outfits. The word Gingham is now more closely related to pattern than the material itself. The new pattern will always consist of the color white and some other color. The material of the Gingham pattern shirts may be majorly cotton combined with some other fabric like polyester. The linen varieties are also available. The Gingham pattern appears more orderly when compared to the plaid pattern. The horizontal and the vertical lines are evenly spaced and have an equal size. The chequered pattern makes for interesting and good-looking shirts and apparel that are fit for multiple occasions and scenarios. That is why the Gingham pattern and print make for popular dress materials both in summer and spring. The GINGHAM FALL SHIRTS have always been in preference. The material and the shirt may not appear too casual and can develop a visual interest. The professionals who work in the more warm areas may also prefer them because of the use of cotton or linen in the fabric in the manufacturing of the Gingham pattern shirts.


The use of Gingham pattern and material today is not limited to the manufacturing of shirts. It is used in a variety of other items and products as well (including the table cloths). The shirts cost less and are of high quality. It is a reliable material that offers the utmost comfort. The Gingham pattern adds boldness to the looks and suits all kinds of environments and locations.

Gingham Shirt

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