Important Things to Know About Henley Shirts

Henley Shirt

If you are tired of wearing normal t-shirts, then you can go for HENLEY. There is no specific season to wear the shirt as you can sport any look with it. You have options for other types of shirts but they have a specific occasion marked after them. With this specific type, you won’t need any special time and you can wear them anytime you want.

You will love Henleys as they are stylish and gives off the casual vibe you always wanted. You will feel the sexy, macho side of yours when you wear it. You can open one or two-button at the front and your style is perfect. If you have muscles, or tattoos you can sport them perfectly with Henleys. This is the shirt you wear when you are no longer a fan of t-shirts. This will add extra detail to your physique and personality as well. So before you buy one, you can always know more about the backstory and the ways you can style this shirt.


First invented in 1800 it was just underwear. However, they were also the uniform of the Thames rower team. This was first introduced in first Henley Royal Regatta in 1839. The style became a fashion in the 1970s, with Ralph Lauren when you bought a Henley into his fashion clothing range.


Normally these shirts are made from cotton, that is another reason you should buy them for better comfort. Also, Henleys are comfortable for the winter months as well. As it will keep you warm, you have to check for thicker material for cold weather. Henleys are lightweight that’s why you can carry two or three in your suitcase and you won’t feel the weight of it. You will be able to stay warm in cooler months and feel the comfort in the summer times. You won’t have to worry about buying them based on the weather, as you can wear them anytime and with any bottom wear you choose.


You won’t have to stress over the fit of Henleys as they will look perfect on your body. You will get a perfect fit on your arms and chest, and you must not buy a loose shirt. That will look oversized and it will not give you the comfort you are looking for. You must have one to two inches of fabric on your stomach and not more than an inch around your forearm. However, you have to keep in mind that these shirts are not for everyone and you have to be careful when you are buying them. The one that fits a celebrity might not fit you.


If you are thin and you want to wear a HENLEY you have to find the best fit. If you are willing to wear a full sleeve and it looks big, it will not look good on you. You have to find a size shorter for the shirt to attach to your arms. However, it’s better to go for half sleeves because with a full length your arms will look frail. However, you can wear one if you are wearing a jacket at the outer part. This will give you a perfect look. Also, when you do not want to wear a jacket, go for half sleeves, it will look better.


If you do not have that sculpted thin body, but you are rather a guy with a big shape and a belly, it’s best to wear something else like polo shirts and there are other options. The issue here is Henleys are supposed to be a perfect fit on your skin. Then when you are bigger it would look awkward, and your belly will show in an ugly way. You must go in polo t-shirts as they will hide your stomach perfectly and you can sport it with any bottom wear. With a Henley, your upper body will look smaller than your lower part. So choose wisely.


  • You can choose a single tone style with your Henley and you will look perfect. You can check the trend of David Beckham, and see how he styles his Henleys with one tome jeans. You have to wear shoes that match your outfit. Go for brown leather boots, but don’t look for suede as they won’t go with your look.
  • Find a nautical striped Henley to go with your favorite chinos. Your style will be perfect and your personality will shine through it. You can select any color for the shirt or the pants, you can mismatch it or have a contrast with the colors. Either way, you will look good and casual to go.
  • You can wear Henleys with a cotton jacket. As mentioned earlier, if you have a thin physique, a jacket will give you the best look over a full sleeve shirt. You can wear the cotton jacket at any season. However, still, if you are not roaming around in an air-conditioned area, you might choose to wear a half-sleeved shirt. Also, a full sleeve with a jacket will give you the desired look always.
  • If you are wondering if you could wear a Henley with formal pants, you must know that you will look perfect. Put on a half-sleeved Henley and a formal pant, no one can deny that you look gorgeous.
  • Pair your shirt with blue denim and you will be following the hottest trends. Choose a dark or light-colored shirt and pair it with your blue denim. Also, don’t forget your shoes, as it will complete the look.
  • If you are a Beckham fan, then you know how he styles his Henleys. Get inspired by his styles.
  • You can always wear a half-sleeved Henley and sport it with either jeans or formal pants. It will always look good on you. You can wear boots or casual shoes, as both will look perfect with this casual outfit.

T-shirts are old things, and you can wear them any time when you haven’t done your laundry. But when you go with Henleys, you will find another doorway for fashion. You will love the shirts for casual and stylish wear anytime and anywhere.

Henley Shirt

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