How To Style A Dress Shirt? Guide to Pick up the Right Button-up Shirt

Dress Shirt

Men fashion is quite evolving these days. With so many additional new accessories, garments and unique styles out there, it can be confusing for the men to choose the right one for the occasion. No matter how many styles come up and how many new trends come and go, the classic DRESS SHIRT will always be the top choice for men. Though there are different styles available for these shirts, they can look quite classy and sophisticated on men. Being classic as well as a sharp dressed man at the same time can be easy with these dress shirts. Here, we will discuss about the different styles and how you can wear them on different occasions.


Before we start, you must know which shirts are considered as the dress shirts. There are many people who don’t know the difference and it is quite common. The dress shirts are the shirts that are dressy in nature and can be worn on any formal occasions. You can team it up with dinner jackets and a bow tie as well. These shirts are front BUTTON UP SHIRTS with a collar and full sleeves. They open full-length in the front with one chest pocket or no pocket at all. Shirts with two chest pockets are not dressy at all and in fact they are not at all considered as a formal shirt.


The fit of the dress shirts is an important topic to consider. To ensure that the shirt is looking good on you or you are picking the right one, you have to be aware of the fittings. Unless and until the shirts fit you perfectly, it will be the ideal one for you.

  • TORSO FIT: Always remember that the dress shirt should never be baggy or loose. You need to ensure that it is well-fitted in the torso area. The buttons should lay flat on your chest. On the other hand, do not choose a shirt that is too tight where you struggle to close or open the buttons. The skin must not show through your buttons. Bagging shirts around your waist don’t look good at all but you have to choose the right fit where the buttons can lie flat on your chest covering the skin and giving your enough room for breathing.
  • LENGTH OF THE SLEEVES: The length of the sleeves in a DRESS SHIRT depends on different types of shirt that you are wearing. Same goes with the cuff-style and whether or not you want to add a jacket that will look good. Whereas some of the dress shirts have 6 button holes, some have 4. You have to find the right fit according to the length of your arm. Make sure that the cuffs should not extend past your wrist. It must not obstruct when you are shaking hands with a person.

Along with these two, you have to keep certain things in mind too. These include the quality or the material of the shirt and also the collar style. All these aspects can together help you to choose the very best and the right BUTTON UP SHIRTS for you.


In today’s modern world, men love dress shirts for sure. The dress shirts are not meant for casual outings or parties. These shirts are meant for special occasions and formal events. They look gorgeous when you wear them on weddings, cocktail parties and also to the graduations. Whenever there is a dressy occasion, you can take out the dress shirts from your closet and wear it.

You can team up these dress shirts with a tux, great dinner jacket, bow tie etc. Even if you want you can pair it with your favorite pair of jeans to make it semi-formal. You can simply roll up the sleeves and wear them tucking in the jeans. The shirt will look equally great. But you can choose from different options such as:

  • Checkered dress shirts
  • Basic dress shirts
  • Slim fit dress shirts
  • Big & tall dress shirts


With endless options to choose from, you can always pick the right one that perfectly suits your style. No two personalities are same and each man has some uniqueness. One can pick the ideal DRESS SHIRT that can go well with his personality. When you are right in the middle of the store, look around! Do you find the right choice for you? Well, that’s the great thing about the online stores. You can use the filters to narrow down the options that you are looking for. This will help you to find the ideal shirt for you.

Whether it is the color of the shirt, size, price or the prints and patterns, you can always use the filters to filter out the extras. The online stores have plenty of options to choose from and you need to pick the best store for your collection. Pick the right shirt based on these factors:

  • Material of the shirt
  • Size of the shirt
  • Fit of the shirt
  • Collar style
  • Color of the shirt
  • Crease-free or not

These factors are important to be considered when you are looking for the ideal shirt for your outfit. The most important thing that you need to know is the right accessories and clothing to complete the whole look.


This is about the BUTTON UP SHIRTS for dressy occasions. These dress shirts can make your entire look quite classy and unique. Men look great in formal outfits but one must make sure that the size and fit is ideal to level up the entire outfit. Hence, be very specific about the fit as well as the size of the shirt when you are choosing. You can take the help from the professional experts to help you in choosing the right shirt size for you. While buying online, make sure to pick the right size checking out their size guide properly.

Dress Shirt

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