How to Match a Tie with a Dress Shirt and Suit

Dress Shirt With Tie

Though women have to make various types of style decisions while dressing up for high-level events but while getting ready for such events men also have to match DRESS SHIRT WITH TIE to improve their overall looks and personality. But it can be confusing to choose a MENS DRESS SHIRT as well as a tie to complement it. Although men have limited options to choose from as compared to women still most of them buy a wrong tie to match with the dress shirts in their wardrobe or the new dress shirt they have bought.

When you have to wear a dress shirt with tie, you should keep in mind that you should match your tie to your dress shirt, not your dress shirt to your tie. The tips briefly discussed in this write-up can help you in choosing the best mens dress shirt for you as well as a tie that suits it.


In order to wear a dress shirt with tie, the first thing you should focus on choosing a mens dress shirt so that you can choose a matching tie. A dress shirt is the most important accessory for men as they have to wear it throughout the day even if they wear a coat or jacket on it or not. Moreover, the tie has to remain on the shirt so it should match or complement the color of the shirt.


You can find mens dress shirts in various colors, patterns, and styles in the market including solids, checks, and stripes, etc.

SOLID COLORS: Dress shirts with solid colors can be matched easily with a tie. White and light blue are some of the colors in dress shirts that can match with any tie. Though shirts of pastel and off-white colors can also be matched with any tie but the fabrics of the tie should be a bit distinctive to that of the shirt.

CHECK SHIRTS: It is a very casual pattern and the casualness of these shirts can match with a tie with a playful tone like paisley, club, and foulard ties as well as wool knitted solid colored ties can be the best match for dress shirts with check patterns.

STRIPED SHIRTS: When you choose a striped shirt then your tie should not have stripes of similar size. You should go for some other style of a tie if it seems to be closer to the pattern of your shirt.

COLOR COMBINATION SHIRTS: If you like to wear a dress shirt with color combinations then it should neither be too dull nor too harsh to your complexion.


While matching a tie with a mens dress shirt you will have to consider a few factors like:

COLOR: Though there is no hard and fast rule to select the perfect color of tie to match your dress shirt still you choose the right color of your tie by considering two factors, matches naturally to your complexion, or the message you are trying to give with it. With a cool colored dress shirt, a tie with a light pattern of green and blue can give a sophisticated look. But on a light-colored shirt, a bold contrast colored tie can help you to draw the attention of others. The color of the tie that naturally matches your complexion can also be the best for you, regardless of the styles of dress shirt you have worn. On a man with fair skin and light-colored hair, a tie with the combination of monochromatic and pastel colors can be a perfect match whereas with light skin and dark hair a tie with contrast color combination can be the best. You can also choose a multicolored tie if their colors complement your dress shirt.

PROPORTION: The length and width of the tie should match the style of your clothing as well as the type of your body. A wider and longer than standard tie can be the best for a person with a large and wider built. Similarly, for a thin and short-statured person, a tie with a smaller length and lesser width can be more suitable. Choosing a designer or vintage tie can also be a problem for a nearly average size person. He must go for a 3-4 inch wide tie unless he prefers to wear a thinner or wider tie. So you should focus on the proportion of the tie as well as your body while buying a tie.

PATTERN: The ties with strong patterns are usually less liked than the ties with solid or semi-solid colors. With a dull outfit, a tie with a strong pattern can rarely give a lively feel. If you like to wear a tie with a patterned design then its color and pattern should complement the color and pattern of your dress shirt. Moreover, the pattern of the tie should not match the pattern of your shirt. For instance, if your shirt has thin stripes then your tie should be of solid color or polka dots instead of thin stripes. So, a patterned tie can match suitably with a dress shirt with a less complicated pattern.


STYLE OF KNOT AND COLLAR: The style of the knot of the tie should also match the style of the collar of your dress shirt. The knot of your tie should fit properly in the space provided by the collar of your shirt.

LENGTH OF THE TIE: When you wear the tie then it should end near the buckle of your belt. Usually, the length of the ties available in America is around 53-58 inches which are enough for a man with average built. If you are longer than average height then you must go for a long tie or adjust its length while tying its knot.


Thus by following the tips provided in this write-up you can easily choose the right MENS DRESS SHIRTs and a matching tie. But while wearing a DRESS SHIRT WITH TIE you should mix their patterns and color to create a great combination according to the style of the occasion.

Dress Shirt With Tie

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