How to Choose Ties for Dress Shirts

Dress Shirt With Tie

Are you looking for a great combination of dress shirts and ties? Do you want to know which pattern and color combination will complement the look? When it comes to clothes, women have more choices compared to men. Women can try different outfits to get an inspiring look for any specific event. However, men will have to focus more on a great combination of suits, shirts, jackets, and ties to feel confident.

Some men cannot choose a good combination of dress shirts with tie. Therefore, they cannot grab the attention. Even if they want to do it right, they cannot choose the right combination due to the lack of experience. You should wear ties that look well on your dress shirt. Coordinating dress shirts with tie is not rocket science. A basic understanding of the patterns, proportions, and colors can enable you to choose the right combination. Initially, you can go with easy-to-match ties and dress shirts.

Are you a bit confused? Do you want to know how to do it right? If yes, you can have a look at the following.


While choosing ties, you will have to consider a few factors that include your clothing style and body build. Both these will enable you to find the right length and size for your ties. If you have a wide front and you prefer large suits, you can choose a size that is a bit wider than an average tie. If you have a small body, you can go with a size smaller than the average size. Your body type will play the determining role while choosing your tie. It is worth mentioning that you can find the best fit regardless of your body type. The key is to choose the right one to complement your look.

You might be thinking that which size will be correct when your body is closer to the average size. If your body is close to the average size, you might face a problem while choosing the tie. However, an average-sized man will have more options. They should wear ties that range from 3 to 3.75 inches in width. You should not try anything thinner or wider. If you do so, you will not look your best. While buying ties, you will have to measure your width. It is a must to find the best fit.


The color of your ties will play a determining role for sure. When it comes to the right colors, you will not find any precise answer. Any single color will not suit all your dress shirts or ties. However, you can consider two factors to find the right color for your tie. You will have to know the occasion and your complexion to find the best color for your tie.

For example, if you want a sophisticated look, you can try lightly patterned and semi-solid green and blue ties with blue clothing. If you want to grab the attention, you can go with bold-colored ties such as red with a light-colored shirt. A red tie can easily grab the attention. It is known as the power tie and can be perfect for presenters.

In addition to the occasion, you will have to consider your complexion. If you are a man with fair skin and light-colored hair, you should go with monochromatic and pastel color combinations. When the skin is light, and the hair is dark, you can choose something with clearly defined lines. People with medium or dark-colored skin and dark hair can use both high and low contrast ties. You can consider all the above factors while choosing the right color for your tie.


No, patterned ties will not complement all the dress shirts. Many find it hard to choose the right patterns. Also, patterned ties are infrequent compared to solid ties. If you choose patterned ties, you will have to wear them correctly to ensure a proper match. While choosing patterned ties, you will have to make sure that their colors are complementing. In some patterns, the colors clash, and that does not leave a good impression. Also, you will have to check the pattern of your dress shirts. Both patterns should not conflict. For example, you should not consider a thin-striped tie for a thin-striped shirt. But a solid and polka dot tie will complement a thin-striped shirt. Similar patterns might cause distorted visual effects. Therefore, you should avoid similar patterns for your tie and shirt.

If you are wearing patterned ties for the first time, you can go with complex patterns. But make sure that you are combining it with pattern-less shirts. Otherwise, you can try ties with repeating patterns such as foulard, dots, or even small images.


Your dress shirt is an important clothing accessory. First, you will have to choose the dress shirt, and then you can look for your ties. Your shirt will determine the color and pattern of your tie. If you are looking for the easiest option, you can go with solids. Solids can match well with most of the ties. White will offer a neutral base, and you can match anything that you want. You can also go with light blues. Light blues will match most of the ties. Only a few colors can clash. You can try pastel or off-white colored shirts as well.

In addition to colors, you will have to consider the fabrics. As stated earlier, you will have to void similar patterns. Advanced patterns can go well with various sized checks. Also, you will have to avoid any color groupings that are either too monotone or too jarring.


Finding a tie for your dress shirt can be super easy with some basic understanding. You will have to focus on the sizes, colors, and patterns to avoid any confusion. Initially, you might find it a bit complex. You can limit your choices to easy-to-go options. Once you feel confident, you can try different combinations. You should keep experimenting until you have not mastered the art!

Dress Shirt With Tie

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