Henley Shirt

Henley Shirt

Every man deserves to have a decent sense of style. One such shirt that significantly makes a guy attractive is the Henley shirt. Henley’s are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that a guy could have in his collection. Why? First, it has a high warm base layer perfect for the winter and is ideal for a tandalone’ shirt come springtime.

Henley’s are massively popular among Hollywood celebrities and stylists who dress them. From John Legend to David Beckham, a Henley is a go-to shirt for most Hollywood stars. If you are new to Henley’s, this article will act as a guide to wear and how you can wear these shirts.

What is a Henley Shirt?

First of all, a Henley shirt is a collarless pullover shirt that has a round neckline to go with a placket with about two to five buttons. Additionally, these shirts can have either long or short sleeves. Originally from the small town of Henley-on-Thames, a Henley shirt can be made from a couple of fabric materials. Still, cotton is by far the most popular one. There are different types of Henley shirts, as explained below.

Types of Henley Shirts

As mentioned above, there are quite a number of different Henley shirts. Differences lie in the fabric, fit, and size. For example, there are a variety of Henley shirts made from waffle knit to wool and cotton. They all come at different price points. Additionally, Some Henley shirts have long sleeves, and others don’t. Different Henley shirts can be worn for different occasions, as shown below.

When to wear Henley Shirts.

For Casual Meetings

You can rock a Henley shirt with a pair of casual pants, including jeans, khakis, chinos or cords. Throw in a decent pair of moccasins or white sneakers, and you are good to go. Alternatively, you could wear a Henley with a suit or a coat to give you that formal look.

Additionally, a Henley shirt has a couple of buttons. So, tying any one of them is a matter of personal preference. Whatever your style is, wearing a Henley shirt to a casual meeting makes you look stylish and slightly formal.

Public Events and Gatherings

Most celebrities wear Henley shirts to public events. In fact, this is one of the very few times that we get to see our celebrities out, courtesy of the paparazzi. So why not wear these shirts to public events just like them. Whether you are going for a night out with your boys or going to see a movie with your lady, a Henley shirt can significantly make you look stylish.

Practical Wear

Henley shirts are comfortable, and you can wear them for just about any other occasion. From having lunch with your friends and family to going out shopping at the mall. A long-sleeved Henley shirt can be worn with a jacket during the winter, while a short-sleeved Henley is excellent for the spring and summer outings.

How To Wear a Henley Shirt

One of the most versatile shirts to buy is Henley. They give you a sophisticated laid-back look that you can pull off on any occasion. It is a sufficient layer in the winter season and a tremendous stand-alone shirt during spring.

The buttons just below the collar add on to the value of the shirt. They give Henley shirts a cutting edge compared to other simple shirts. Henley shirts have a subtle yet outspoken style boost that anyone can pull off with a pair of pants.

There are two types of Henleys, the short sleeve Henley and the long sleeve Henley. Here are some of the ways you can wear them while maintaining the intended aesthetics:

Pants with Henley

You can simply put on your Henley shirt with a pair of pants. For a casual set up wear, it is with jeans, cords or chinos. This will give you a stylish yet calm demeanor. It may seem rather dull and boring, but the shirt adds on to the aesthetics of the whole look. Simple is always classy. Pair it up with a hat for a complete look. You can choose to button up the shirt or leave it open, depending on what you like.

Henley with a hoodie

Henley shirts provide warmth substantially, and there is no need for adding extra layers to your outfit. However, pairing it with a hoodie is not a bad idea, especially during winter. Pair it up with a neutral-colored hoodie with white sneakers for a fresh look.

Jackets on Henley

If you have a leather jacket or any rugged-looking jacket, then this is a must-have for you. Pair up your favorite jacket with jeans and a Henley underneath. This is an excellent look for the winter. It gives an outfit a cutting edge. Any jacket can pull off this desired look without any qualms.

Layering with Henley

Do not hesitate to add extra layers of clothes, especially during the cold season. Feel free to add your lightweight quilted vest for extra warmth. Add on your jacket or leather on the top to give the style an oomph. The shirt will give off a smart casual look without trying too hard.

Bottom-Up shirt

Henley shirt is one of those shirts that can be worn with other shirts without looking redundant. The shirt serves a solid look, especially when worn with a pattern lumberjack or shirt. The two will add on to the visual interest of an outfit. Pair it with a pair of black jeans or muted blue jeans and boots to finish off the look. You can opt to leave the buttons open or slightly agape around the neck area.


For long sleeve Henley shirts, wear them during the winter as a layering item. You can throw on a bomber jacket or leather jacket for extra layering. You can also wear them during the warm months by easily pushing up the sleeves.

Henley shirts are great for all body shapes. However, be careful when dressing in the right form. Anyone can easily pull off the Henley shirt. It’s a definite must-have item to help you with layering and style addition.


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