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Guayamisa shirt is a specially designed and styled garment for men. These garments can is highly versatile; therefore, one can wear them as formal or casual wear. It’s highly favorable during hotter seasons and warmer climates since it is light and will keep one comfortable even when traveling. The guayamisa is fit for any occasion; usually, one can wear it in professional gatherings, ceremonies, or dinner parties, this shirt is favorite wear in San Antonia despite the event for the gentlemen. In this article, I will give information about the features of the guayamisa and when to wear the guayamisa shirts.


Guayamisa shirts are referred; differently, they can be called Mexican wedding shirts,chacabanas, bush jackets, guayamisa, safari shirts, Cuban shirts, and cigar shirts. These names are used by different region and cultures, but all of them denotes to Guayamisa shirt.

Mostly guayamisa shirts are short-sleeved, they have two pockets over the hips and two breast pockets. The shirt also has two vertical rows of embroidery or pleats.

Some Hallmark guayamisa shirts have:

2-4 pockets on the front part of the shirt.

They have side slits on either side of the shirts; the size of the slit can be adjusted by buttons on the slits.

It has a straight hem, which accentuates presentable fashion when untucked.

The garments come in all shades, but the standard colors are bright pastel coloring and white. The fabric of these garments is usually 100 percent cotton or 100 percent linen, depending on the quality and regions—often, the warmer the area, the lighter the weave.

This garment is a famous fashion for San Antonio, Latin America, Mexico, and Texas men; however this does not mean other people cannot look good in guayamisa shirts.

Usually, these garments are available in all sizes; they are made from durable materials and are comfortable to wear. Mostly they come in short sleeves but also long sleeves are available.


These shirts are the best during warm days because they are light; therefore, they are generally desirable in hot areas. The shirt isn’t restricted to any occasion; therefore, one can wear them on a day spent on the beach, at weddings, in the office, or a day relaxing with friends.


These shirts are highly valued in many cultures since they are only worn once or twice in a year .however, these shirts are a requirement on specific occasion like in professional or formal contexts. In places like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, most of the Latin American political leaders wear guayamisa informal gatherings like political events. Optionally you can wear the guayamisa shirt in any other formal engagements, as far as you will wear dark trousers and dress shoes to your collection.


These shirts are in some areas known as the Mexican wedding shirt. They are very fit for weddings, including activities that surround a wedding, for example, from the ceremonies on the beach to the reception in a warm climate. Mostly long-sleeved guayamisa are recommended for the wedding; they are comfortable, stylish and dressy. In my opinion, you can choose a bright colored or a white guayamisa shirt, and then you can blend it with light or dark-colored pants and nice shoes.


These shirts are not conventional in Europe and North America as they are in Latin America. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t outshine and polish your fashion in Berlin or Los Angeles or other places. Guayamisa are designed in a manner that they are versatile; therefore, one can wear them in any setting. You can show up in family dinners, a night out with friends, an afternoon around the town, or a day on a beach; you can choose to wear a long or short-sleeved guayamisa outfit. For the first-timers, choose a light-colored guayamisa shirt, either light blue, wine, or your best color that is available, and I tell you will not be frustrated in terms of style and fashion.


Guayamisa are highly valued garments, but they can also be worn as casuals, short-sleeved are perfect if you want to wear them as casual. You can choose a shirt with subtle patterns and blend it with loafers and jeans. However, do not tuck the shirt and wear shorts, specifically in a casual setting.


To get a sophisticated look, it important to know how exactly to wear the guayamisa shirt. These shirts are the most flexible garment in fashion as they are suitable for any body type and different people with diverse complexion, skin tones, styles, and more.


If white is not your cup of tea, there are other colors like pale yellow, wine, and light blue colors, and you can try them out and choose one with bold patterns for a bold and strong look.


The first thing that everyone notices when they see you are shoes, therefore getting nice shoe compliments your looks. To my recommendation, guayamisa can go with Dockers, Stacy Adams, hush puppies, or loafers pretty well.


Having a single top button of your guayamisa shirt undone provides ventilation that allows air to pass in the shirt; hence it enables you to be comfortable and relaxed. Opening the top button also gives one a smoky look, which exudes a relaxed and calmer nature. Unbuttoning the top button is allowed, even informal settings such as weddings.


In a relaxed and casual setting in a warm climate, you can atop the shirt with your Panama hat. These hats are lightweight and comfortable and designed in a manner to stand the normal wear and tear in a warm climate. Combining your guayamisa shirt with this hat conveys character and confidence. Don’t forget the feather and hatband.


Guayamisa shirts are comfortable and are fit for everyone. They are versatile and can be worn on any occasion; therefore, a gentleman, it’s a shirt that should not miss in your wardrobe if you want to rock and roll in terms of fashion.

Guayamisa Shirt

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