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Gingham Shirt

Are you looking for the perfect casual gingham shirt for men? Look at our bestselling range on lamodemens.com. In our filters, you will find additional options such as brand, color, material and much more. On lamodemens.com, you can be slim, classic, and tall. Our super comfortable, super soft and super light styles are just a click away. Buy the best-selling and newest Scottish cotton casual shirts you’ll love now and for years to come at lamodemens.com.

Gingham is a simple, balanced plaid pattern that usually consists of a single color in combination with white. This unpretentious plaid is often associated with the country, which makes it ideal for a relaxed outdoor wedding. Gingham is certainly found in all colors, and some of the most popular colors are yellow, lilac, blue, and red. The check is usually woven on the small side, but sometimes you can find gingham on a bolder scale, especially for tablecloths.

One of the reasons why gingham shirt for men can be ideal for a wedding is that it is a motif often associated with food. Think of the classic red-check tablecloths you find in Italian restaurants, or cover the floor with a picnic on a sunny afternoon. Gingham tablecloths can add a nice touch to any casual wedding and don’t have to be red. Choose bedding in your favorite color or in a shade that contrasts beautifully with your flowers.

You can use Scottish cotton bedding in combination with your centerpieces to create a wonderful atmosphere. Light green check cotton tablecloths paired with lush roses and pink peonies make each reception an English country garden—tabletops with napkins in a faded floral print for the perfect shabby-chic table.

You can use gingham for much more than tablecloths. A pastel plaid cotton check would be a very cool look for simple bridesmaid dresses. If you are using a fabric with a solid design, keep the clothing lines simple. A strapless or spaghetti strap dress with a trapeze knee skirt would be fantastic. Bridesmaid pearl jewelry would come to the perfect conclusion. You can choose bridesmaid jewelry in a classic white pearl look or add crystals in the color of the dresses for unique detail.

At most weddings, the groom and his companions’ clothes do not receive much attention. If you add a touch of gingham to your casual wedding, you can take the kids on stage. There are many attractive men’s shirts in tiny woven gingham in great colors like yellow, french, blue, or lilac. The subtle pattern looks great with a fun patterned tie, navy blazer, and khaki pants. If you prefer a more subtle gingham accent for your boyfriend, try a pocket square for that perfect scent.

The checkered cotton headband is available in several widths and can be used in many joyful ways at a wedding. A large gingham bow is a great accent on a hand-knotted bouquet. Or choose a checkered cotton ribbon to tie your gift boxes or vases for your centerpieces. You can also use a small piece of checkered cotton ribbon as a party napkin holder. Once you get started, you will find that there are countless ways to include this cheerful little check in your wedding.

Product Description

There is no other more comfortable or cooler light shirt in or near the water than our plaid cotton gingham shirt style, such like in the hot weather. The cotton provides comfortability; Polyester wicks moisture away, while the spandex makes the shirt move easily within you. Whether you’re traveling or fishing, two chest pockets with a secure zippered pocket with a vertical entry behind the left chest pocket provide room for everything you need. The pencil hole in the left chest pocket is perfect for storing your sunglasses, while the hidden eyeglass cleaner on the hem keeps them clean. And you will appreciate the hidden buttoned collar which avoids annoying outliers: adjustable cuffs, shaped hem.

Summary features

• The light blend is fresh and comfortable.

• Cotton in the blend provides comfort.

• Nylon removes moisture.

• With spandex, the shirt can easily move with you

• Two buttoned chest pockets

• A secure zipped pocket with vertical entry behind the left chest pocket

• The pencil hole in the left chest pocket is the perfect place for sunglasses.

• Sunglass cleaner hid in the hem

Choosing the right shirt

There was a time when a man’s shirt was hidden under sweaters, jackets, etc. However, in the 21st century, the shirt is one of the most important factors when making an outfit. It is surprising to know what unique clothing shirts can be, as this unique piece can be decisive for formal or informal appearance. Your shirt can represent your personality, and people often choose opinions about you based on their choice.

  1. Before making a purchase, especially for designer shirts, first, make sure you know what size it is. One of the biggest shortcomings in men and luxury shirts is wearing one that doesn’t suit you and makes you look taller than you are.
  2. The patterns are perfect for casual summer shirts, while the solid colors are ideal for work and more formal occasions where you may need to wear a chicer shirt. The checks and gingham are huge this season and are perfect for chic and casual looks.
  3. Be attentive to the shirt’s collar: double collared shirts are very popular during one season. However, that aspect can make hard to choose a tie. Make sure, if your shirt doesn’t come with a tie, buy one that fits not only the shirt but also the neck.
  4. Don’t be afraid to pay more for a shirt than you want. The shirts at lamodemens.com are truly an illustration of “you acquire what you have paid for.” The more expensive shirts generally last longer given that they are made from durable fabrics. The clothing designers from Europe are known to do much of the work by hand, rather than using mass production machines to guarantee quality.
  5. Complete your look with a fantastic set of cufflinks. Cufflinks look so trivial, but like a ladies’ necklace, they can be a great finishing touch to perfection.
  6. There is probably nothing in men’s fashion, worse than a man who hangs in his shirt. Despite popular opinion, it doesn’t make you look “cool” or “trendy.”

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