Dress Shirt

Dress Shirt

Dress Shirt We all love to be decent and smart at all times. Each function has got a different dressing code. Casual clothes are for occasions that are not official. Official functions like church services or office jobs call for official dressing code. Dress shirts are the best outfit for such official functions. Dress shirts are worn by both men and women when they are on an official occasion. However, it is important to note that official dress shirts match well with official down outfits such as trouser or skirt. Dress shirts are classified into different collars, materials, patterns, and colors. There are both short and long- sleeved dress shirts. Patterns of Dress Shirts Dress shirts are of various patterns. There are three basic dress shirts patterns. They include: 1. Solid Dress Shirts This is the most common type of dress shirt. This dress shirt pattern has got one color and that is why it is called solid dress shirts. They are very presentable, especially when going to an interview or any other official function. However, we should be very keen when it comes to the selection of colors. Pale blue and white shirts are best for such occasions. Some aggressive colors like purple and green require perfect and keen matching with the down outfit because they go with specific colors unlike white or blue which can match with very many colors. Finally, solid dress shirts match well with ties. 2. Checked Dress Shirts Checked dress shirts are best for casual occasions. They can also be worn in official functions but they are not recommendable since many organizations don’t prefer their employees wearing them. Anybody who wishes to wear checked shirts should ensure that they match the checked shirts well with their own fits rule says that checked shirts should not be worn with a tie. This is because there will be no perfect harmony of the entire outfit. 3. Stripes This is a common dress shirt which goes well mostly with short men mostly. Stripes elongate somebody’s profile and give the body an appearance of looking somehow taller. Striped shirts should not be worn with a tie because they don’t give out a perfect outfit harmony. Types of Dress Shirts Fabrics Each dress shirt has its own fabric or material in common language. The fabrics are of different qualities. This implies that all of them have got different prices because the quality of materials is also different. The types of dress shirts fabrics include: 1. Cotton Fabric This is the best quality of material when it comes to shirts and any other dress or outfit. Cotton material is durable. It is of high quality which means it will stay for a longer period of time. Cotton shirt dresses are breathable. It is soft and smooth. It keeps somebody warm and comfortable. 2. Nylon Nylon dress shirts are also sold in the market. They are kind of light shirts. Unlike cotton dress shirts, nylon shirts have poor breathing allowance. This makes men or even women sweat so much and creating the marks which become embarrassing when because sweat marks are created in the underarms. 3. Polyester This is a man-made fabric. It is also used in making shirts. However, this is not the best quality for making shirts. This material is usually light and abrasive. Shirts made from these materials make somebody uncomfortable because just like nylon shirts they have poor breathing allowance hence a lot of sweating which could be embarrassing. Again, when the sweat sticks to the and underarms creates permanent stains. 4. Silk Silk is a preferable dress shirt material to nylon and polyester. This is because it has got better material compared to the two. However, it is not better than cotton because it has a high and expensive maintenance and dry cleaning cost. The silk dress shirts have a low durability. They wear out quickly. Types of Dress Shirt Collars There are different types of dress shirt collar designs. These designs have been made to match with different types of faces. This means that you must know the shape of your face so that you can be able to choose the best collar design that matches with a face. The types of dress shirt collars include: 1. Straight Collar These type of collar is also known as point collar. Straight collars are flexible, the go well with ties especially if somebody is on an official duty. It is an easy style that fits many men especially on occasions such as weddings and business functions as well. They also match well if they are worn inside a suit and a blazer with a tie. They can also be worn with jeans. 2. Button Down Collar This is an old-school of the dress shirt. It goes well with a tie and official outfits such as a suit. It goes well with casual kind of dressing code. The two buttons put at the bottom end or sharp corners of the collars decorates the shirt giving the person wearing it a perfect and stylish look. 3. Tab Collar This type of shirt is known for its unique design. It has a snap tab which is made in such a way that it is able to hold the tie in place. This is made possible because the tie has got a snap which brings the two points of the tie closer to each other. Tab Collar Shirts gives people especially men a classy and stylish look. 4. Club Collar This type of collar is also known as Eton collar. This type of shirt is made in a fashion of round points which are shorter and a wide stance. It goes well with patterned ties which have been thinly knotted. Club collars are versatile. They can be worn with a tie or without; both ways fits in well. 5. Hidden Button Collar This type of shirt resembles the straight collar shirt only that it has got a hidden button beneath the collar flaps. Hidden button collar shirts fit those people who love wearing on a tie as well as those who don’t wear ties. This type of shirt is recommendable of offices because it gives one a professional look which is required in such official jobs.

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