Dress Shirt with French cuff – What It is All About

Dress Shirt with French cuff

Though many young men and women would like to be seen moving around in informal and casual wear, there still continues to be a growing demand for MEN’S FORMAL SHIRT collections. These dresses continue to be liked by thousands of men and surprisingly many care-free men are also in favor of it. Many young women would like to see men at times in the best of formal dresses. There could be office meetings, business conferences and market presentations and other such serious events.

In such situations, it always makes sense to be dressed well and be seen as somebody who is professional and somebody who means business. There are many dresses that could make a man look formal, well-groomed, stylish, professional and sophisticated. In this article, we will be looking at DRESS SHIRT WITH FRENCH CUFF. This is considered to be one of the best examples of style and sophistication. We are sure it will help our readers to have a better understanding about formal shirts in general and shirts with French cuff in particular.


French cuff shirts are almost like any other shirts. They are made from a length of fabric. The fabric is folded upon itself. It then gets fastened together with the help of cufflinks. It also has holes on both sides of the cuffs. It goes through the entire layer of fabric. To put it clearly, French cuffs usually come with four holes for each cuff.


According to reports, French Cuffs came into existence because of an order that Napoleon gave to his troops. He wanted them to wear shirts that had special sleeves that were longer. This helped them to not only look good, but funnily, it could also help them to wipe their noses without too much of a struggle. They could then hide the same by folding the excess back in place. However, the actual fact is something different.

French cuffs were seemingly invented in England, and they were initially known as double cuffs. Not many, at that point in time knew as to how the word French got attached to these cuff shirts. The answer for this was provided when these shirts moved overseas to America. Americans at that point in time considered this to be a fancy dress item. Further, during those days, anything from France was considered fancy and therefore these cuff shirts started having the word French pre-fixed to it.


There is no doubt that for most men these French cuff shirts are reserved for wearing along with black tie attire. It also is considered as a professional clothing for business presentations and other such events. This is particularly true in Europe. But, there are not hard and fast rules as to when one should wear French cuff shirts, though wearing them formally would certainly make many heads turn around and have a second look. Having said this, there are some special occasions, apart from business presentations where these cuffed shirts could be worn.

WEDDINGS: Though not a must or necessity in wedding, many men wear it during a wedding. It does go a long way in adding some personality without looking too formal. The groom, the guest and others would certainly look well-dressed and smart and they will be able to grab the attention of others who may not be wearing it.

BLACK TIE EVENTS: Black tie events are also special events when men would wear French cuffs. In such events tuxedo are worn. In fact wearing French cuffed shirts with a tuxedo is not a choice but is considered obligatory.

JOB INTERVIEWS: If you are called for an interview for a responsible post, more so in the field of law or finance or both, it makes a lot of sense to wear French Cuffs for the same. Men above the age of forty will do their cause a lot of good if they wear these French cuffs for the interviews. This is because they add quite a bit of maturity to the men who wear it and along with braces, French cuffs are considered to be belonging to the domain of older men. Younger men may not be too comfortable wearing these French cuff shirts for interviews because they may run the risk of putting-off their interviewers who could be wearing these kinds of formal dresses.

BEST AS A BUSINESS ATTIRE: As mentioned above, if you are working in a professional office and are required to wear a suit all five working days a week, you could make it a point to wear French cuffs one a few of these days.

CAN IT BE WORN WITH CASUAL CLOTHING? Though initially French cuffed shirts were only reserved for formal occasions, things are changing a bit now. Today’s cuff shifts come with more casual versions and they also feature bold and bright patterns and colors. They go extremely well with dark denims, casual trousers and also sport coats.


It is quite obvious that French cuff shirts always require cufflinks for the purpose of fastening. Cufflinks go a long way in making a style and personality statement. If you spend time and choose the right cufflinks, you will be able to present yourself in the right manner. You must do your research and make sure that you are choosing the right outfit for the right occasion. There is no doubt that the cufflinks are available in many colors, shapes and designs and choosing the right one takes time and effort. If you are not sure about the right cufflink, take some professional help or look up the various sites where you will be able to get the right kind of information and knowledge.


There is no point wearing a gorgeous and great-looking French cuff shirt if it does not fit properly. When choosing the right fit, please bear in mind that French cuffs always are a bit larger when compared to barrel cuffs.


To sum up, French cuffs have travelled a long way from being a special item in the wardrobe of thousands of men across the world. They have changed with time and today, there are many bright colored and bright patterned French cuff shirts that can do well for formal and also casual wears. The usage of these shirts are limited only by one’s imagination as times, preferences and fashions change and move from one level to another.

Dress Shirt with French cuff

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