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Tuxedo Shirt

Do you want that perfect gentleman look? For that are you looking to buy Tuxedo shirts but you are a bit confused about them? If that’s your problem, then worry not. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about the tuxedo shirts.

No doubt, formals make men look extra handsome. From formal trousers, shirts to everything else looks so classy. Moreover, Tuxedo shirts are preferred by a lot of men because they give that top-notch look. Most importantly, they are a classy and elegant piece of clothing. Tuxedo dress shirts are mostly used as formal menswear.

Most men overthink when it comes to wearing formals because those formal occasions mean a lot and they have to look the best they can. For such occasions, nothing can be better and more elegant than tuxedo dress shirts. These shirts can be styled in a variety of styles.

But before that let us tell you in brief what exactly is a Tuxedo shirt.


Before we move further, let’s answer a quick question. If you’re well aware of all the differences between a suit and a tuxedo shirt, then you will understand that one notable difference between them both is that a tuxedo shirt is always needed to complement a tuxedo.

A tuxedo shirt is an elegant shirt that needs to be worn with formal attires, mainly with the tuxedo. They are designed to give a smooth look with your tuxedo. Besides, these shirts are functionally different from normal shirts.

So, let’s now know what exactly those differences are…


At first sight, a normal and untrained person can’t distinguish between a normal formal shirt and a tuxedo shirt. But an expert or a person who knows the tuxedo shirts can easily figure out the difference. They look different but they are a hell lot different. A tuxedo shirt is formal in several ways and also the making of a tuxedo shirt and the making of normal shirts is so different.


The choice of fabric of both the shirts is different and even that’s the first and biggest difference between a traditional and a tuxedo shirt.

A tux shirt is comfortable, crisp, and classic. That’s why nothing can be a better fabric than cotton for such shirts. It is durable, natural, absorbent, soft, odor-resistant, and breathable.

Make sure to use 100% cotton tuxedo shirts and avoid all the mixed fabrics. Most importantly, avoid cotton mixed with synthetic fibers. Wear it only if you wish to ruin your look.


There are a lot of options for weaves in the cotton family. You should consider the weight, construction, and appearance of the fabric. Also, you need to consider the time or occasion for which you are dressing and what kind of aesthetics you are wishing to achieve.

Conventionally, you’ll have the option to choose from both of these broadcloth and twill cloth. Twill is an opaque weave and it has texture too, also it is tight. In addition to this, the cloth also has diagonal lines that give a formal look to that.

Moreover, they are generally heavier and thicker than broadcloth. That means they are not a light fabric, in case you’re preferring something that can keep you cool. They wrinkle fast and drape better.

On the other hand, broadcloth has so little texture and it is a tightly woven cloth. Generally, the tuxedo shirts that are made using broadcloth are thinner and lighter. But other than this sometimes they are a bit transparent too and they wrinkle too fast.

Moreover, highly twisted yarn shirts are costly, but they also look luxurious and smooth to touch.

Both the options of cloth are perfect for your Tuxedo shirts and the rest depends upon your choice, budget, and preferences.


Most of the people prefer white as a color of their tuxedo shirt. Also, you must have seen all the celebrities and eminent personalities on the red carpet wearing white tuxedos. That’s because white looks more classy, elegant, and respectable. Always remember, there is nothing and there can be nothing as elegant and pristine as a white tuxedo shirt.

Most importantly, all the black-tie suits go well with the white tuxedos.


Generally, the French cuffs are designed for all the formal occasions and they must be secured properly by the cufflinks. A barrel cuff will look too simple and casual with your tuxedo shirt. So, if you ever get a chance to showcase your collection of cufflinks, then the best occasion will be a tuxedo. There are several options french cuffs or squares, and both of these are the right choices.


While selecting a collar for your tuxedo dress shirt, choose a semi-spread smart collar. The semi collars are non-ubiquitous and versatile and a perfect choice for your tuxedo shirt.

For the most formal occasions, you can wear a wingtip tuxedo collar. It’s one of the most elegant collar styles.


There are many styles of Tuxedo shirts. Some of them are hidden front, pleated shirts, tux stud front, Pique bib tux shirt, plain front tux shirt, and many more. These all styles of shirts are elegant and work well for wearing on different occasions.

Most importantly, the pleated Tuxedo dress shirt is considered as the most formal and elegant shirt. The best and simplest of all is a plain tuxedo shirt. It is the minimalist option that goes perfectly with a slim fit tuxedo suit to give that perfect modern look.


Now we are at the end and we guess you are now totally aware of all the basic things about tuxedo shirts. Also, now you know all the styles of tuxedo dress shirts, the fabric used, and the other details.

We strongly feel that men’s formal wear must not be confusing because they are not. So, do not wait for more and get ready with the perfect tuxedo shirts to look perfect.

Tuxedo Dress Shirt

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