Basic Dress Shirts – Facts You Need To Know

Basic Dress Shirt

It doesn’t matter whether you like to wear suits or you do not like to wear suits. A dress shirt is something you will be needing one day or another. Even after you being a hoodie guy there will be times when you will need a crisp and well-ironed basic dress shirt. Your need for a good dress shirt can be in any situation like a friend’s wedding or an interview. Dress shirts are a need in every man’s life.

A well-ironed shirt that fits you perfectly is a good suit and some great-looking shoes and you are ready for any event. A basic dress shirt can help you save numerous events and can be very helpful in your life. You do not have to own a dress shirt and wear it every day. These are just to save you from any kind of event possible. So here is an article that will help you understand every fact you need to know about a basic dress shirt.


A dress shirt is any shirt with buttons, cuffs, and collar that can be worn with a tie or a suit is a dress shirt. Generally, dress shirts are of subtle colors so that they can go with all kinds of bow ties or normal ties and suits or tuxedos. Dress shirts are long so that they can be tucked and are full front open having buttons. These shirts are generally made up of cotton and have stiff collars and have fine and clean stitches and lines.

Few of the dress shirts in the present day have started having pockets and collars that can be buttoned down as well. Dress shirts are very common and comfortable and are great for any event or occasion. These look good on every individual and give a very sophisticated and classy look.


There are various kinds of basic dress shirts available in the market today. Each of them has different specifications, colors, fabrics, and patterns which makes it so difficult to select the right shirt for you. Here are 3 basic types of dress shirts that you require in your wardrobe and are versatile so they can also save you in any kind of event and occasion.

THE SOLID WHITE DRESS SHIRT: The solid white shirt is a lifesaver. This is a highly required dress shirt that needs to be in your wardrobe. A simple solid white dress shirt with stiff collars is perfect. This white shirt can go with any various types of suits that you have and can go with any type of tie you want to pair it with. Whether you pair it with a black suit and a black tie or a grey suit and a blue tie, this shirt looks incredible. It is suitable for your formal meeting and is also great for a formal dinner. Most important it can even go with casual jeans and a blazer look as well.

THE LIGHT BLUE DRESS SHIRT: Next is the light blue dress shirt. This blue shirt is another versatile color that can again be paired with any dark-colored suit and tie. If you do not like the white solid shirt that this blue shirt needs to be your best choice. This blue shirt gives a clean look and is great for all kinds of occasions as well. The best light blue dress shirts are the ones with collars that can be buttoned down. It gives an elevated look when paired with any dark color tie and suit.

THE FINE PATTERN DRESS SHIRT: After a white and blue shirt the best choice is to go for a subtle pattern shirt. If you do not like the solid white you can simply go for a white shirt with a little weaving pattern or striped pattern. These shirts are great to look at, are versatile, and also look good on any kind of ties and suits. It is best to have a patterned dress shirt that is in blue or white so that it looks good and it can go with any suit.


Here are a few factors you need to consider while buying the perfect dress shirt for yourself.

  • Fit: A good fit the key to a good look. Think about what type of fit you want for your shirt, slim fit or regular fit. Both look great on dress shirts.
  • Colour: Dress shirts look best when taken in blue or white but if not then light colors also look great.
  • Collar: Collars should be stiff in any good dress shirt. Also, consider choosing the dress shirt with button-down collars as it gives an elevated look.
  • Fabric: It is always a great idea to choose a basic dress shirt in 100 percent cotton fabric as it can be comfortable when worn for longer hours.
  • Pattern: Subtle patterns are best when chosen for dress shirts.


Having a basic dress shirt is very important for every man. It can help you in numerous ways. It can make you look smart and sharp in any event be it an interview, a friend’s wedding, or just a normal office meeting. It gives you a very classy and sophisticated look that is suitable for both daily looks and occasional looks. This is a type of look that can save an event for you. However, it is very important to choose the best dress shirt for yourself. The perfect dress shirt should not be very loose but should fit you perfectly.

Make sure to choose a color that you would be suitable for any occasion and not something like bright red that you will be unable to wear in an office meeting. A basic dress shirt is best when choosing a subtle color that will suit any kind of occasion and situation. Also, the fabric should be of a type that is comfortable when worn for long hours. Lastly, a dress shirt is best when ironed properly which will give you a sharp look and will make you look incredible on any occasion.

Basic Dress Shirt

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