Are Banded Collar Shirts the Hottest Trend in Fashion – Let’s find out

Banded Collar Shirt

By band collared CASUAL SHIRT we mean any old buttoned-down shirt that is already available in your wardrobe collection, but here an important detail is missing: The entire collar. When buttoning it from the top, it forms a clean and long line and when it is left unfastened – as it must be throughout the summer – it tends to securely shell around either body side and is entirely agile through the weight by the extended and pesky collar.

Nowadays, it’s simple to have a band collar fabric with almost all types of styles and you can easily prepare yourself with shirts with collar becoming lopped off and these can be yours for purchase.

When you’ve ended up having shirts with collar getting lopped off, they can be all yours for purchase.

Band collar shirts are stylish and elegant additions to your wardrobe and these have been an icon for men for dressing since the 1920’s beginning from the detachable collars. The style has different nicknames: collarless, band collar, and also granddad collar.

The general characteristic that you get with banded collar shirts is that the shirt neckband is flat against you, and it doesn’t stand on the neck while many others do. The shirt band measures around 1” wider or lesser and these are pliable and soft without having stiff interfacing inside the collar.

If you’re tired of having a collared buttoned-down shirt, but want a lot more refinement compared to a t-shirt, then the band collar or the PLATINO WOVEN SHIRT would work well for you.


As the Platino has woven and band collar shirts are available in the same fabric options as collared ones, with the same shirt construction – selecting band collared CASUAL SHIRT becomes way simple. A few reasons for adding up band collared shirts to your wardrobe are:

THEY HAVE A UNIQUE AND MODERN APPEARANCE – If your closet is filled with collared shirts, you can leap while venturing into band collar shirt world for updating your appearance. The band collared shirts are present on the Runway of men for a lot of seasons, and these are emerging in popular mainstream like “the new shirt” for wearing.

THESE ARE KNOWN AS UPGRADED T-SHIRTS – T-shirts are unique and trending. However, they’re considered as self-casual expression that can be easily conveyed. A step up here is banded collar shirt. This is simply a Henley, available in woven fabric and when styled right, you’ll be comfortable in band collar shirt like you’d be in t-shirts. Here it is also essential to have fabric options available with stretch for lounge comfort.

THEY REMAIN LESS CONSTRAINING – Without collar this CASUAL SHIRT becomes a fine addition for the months of summer with an under-layer that works well for cool temperatures, while this can still show appropriate casualness and sophistication. This would be great for your neck as well.

FINE AND DETAILED LAYERING – Without having a proper collar the shirt becomes a simple layering canvas. You can select blazer for executive board meetings, vest for team meetings, or v-neck sweater in cool months. Be sure to have top button being un-done to get modern appearance.

THEY’RE WORK WELL FOR DELIVERING A CASUAL APPEARANCE – Having casual appearance with platino woven and band collar shirts is quite simple as you can begin making a selection on how you wish to wear the shirt bottom: whether you wish to keep it half-tucked, un-tucked or tucked. The pant options can be anything else other than sweat pants, dress pants: chinos, denims, joggers, etc. You can be sure that the belts and shoes are in casual style. You can top these off with the appearance of the sleeves to get a lot of movement. Finally, if you’re living in warmer climates, you can un-button top buttons. You can tweak your level of casualness.

HIGH VERSATILITY – With having quite a unique appearance, the platino shirts fit great for men of different ages and sizes. Therefore one would be easily able to put on PLATINO WOVEN SHIRT like formal wear in office in addition to a well-fitting blazer, and this would complement it well. In addition to bringing that glossy appearance to work, you’ll surely attract a lot of attention from colleagues, friends and family.

With the added comfort for the entire night and day, they won’t make you feel hot and there won’t be any unnecessary sweating throughout the day. All these shirts are available with versatile design options allowing the wearer to put these on for long times without feeling uneasy.


  • Shirts with banded collars are simple to accommodate inside your current wardrobe. When you want to level the day up from t-shirt, but don’t wish to appear formal like the buttoned-down shirt – you can have banded collar CASUAL SHIRT and just begin!
  • Almost all adults with different body types can fit in well in these shirts. They’re tailored specifically for hiding uncomfortable flaws and also embraces concealed features and silhouette such as potbelly and is also able to appear elegant while spiking up the confidence and making you comfortable in your attire.
  • These don’t need to be tucked within the shorts or pants as they appear well when thrown on rumpled and un-tucked. These are ideal for dressing on a night out or for heading towards the local pub with friends. These are also casual enough for just matching with your swim shorts and heading towards the beach.
  • Banded collared shirts are carefree and there is no collar for futzing with, they often appear a lot better without having rolled cuffs and stiff ironing. Better yet – it’s great to have the shirt open!
  • Banded collared shirts are a lot ahead of all trends. You can find these in a few places in the market, and they’re a simple and unique way of achieving an updated appearance without having the same look like other people out there. You can just step out and away from fellow peers.

Letting you move ahead in fashion, the banded collar PLATINO WOVEN SHIRT always infuses great confidence in you, irrespective of what occasion you’re using these for. These are among the more sophisticated and posh pieces out there and chances are you’ll just become addicted to them. These shirts can be maintained easily with basic washing and ironing and the achieved comfort level would be just like a newly bought one.

Banded Collar Shirt

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