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Tattersall Shirt

What the appeal of the tattersall shirt is

The tattersall shirt is a casual dress shirt with long sleeves. Dress shirts are great if you work at a company and are going to an event, but don’t want to wear a suit to that event. There are times when it fits the occasion in a casual sense, such as when you’re playing golf. It’s easy to put on, and you’ll never have to wear a tie with it. There are a lot of different colors that let you were it for different kinds of the day. It has a lot of variety.

You may not wear this to work everyday, but sometimes it can be a safe bet if you happen to go on a date. Chances are, you don’t know how your date dressed. She may be wearing a tee and jean shorts, or she could be wearing a dress with fancy shoes for this occasion. Clothes like these insure that you won’t be in a situation where you dress too casual or too formal. It’s made out of a great material that allows you to move a lot better than most dress shirts. It’s also breathable for those warm summer days.

Different color options

For the Tattersall shirt there are 6 different colors that you can wear for wearing different occasions. You can choose blue-yellow, orange-green, red-grey, pink-blue, green-red and blue-maroon. These colors give you some of the best options for dressing up that you could ask for. Some of the colors you may choose to wear to work. Other times, you may want to get a shirt that’s for a celebration or a party. You may even want to wear it to a job interview if the job happens to be something that’s a little bit more casual.

Some days, you may want to go to a sports event, and one of the tattersall shirts may be matching that event. It’s a great option if you’re in the skybox or somewhere in a place with few people. You might go to a company party and have one of these shirts because it’s appropriate for the occasion. The people that you talk to will notice your attention for matching and compliment you on that. You have the benefit of not having to put as much effort as you would in something such as a suit. Ultimately, the variety works to your advantage.


On the website, there isn’t any sizing for that Tattersall shirt that you see. However, as long as you have a normal sized shirt, you’ll be able to find out a lot of information about the shirt that you need for purchasing. Example: for a size medium the chest width is going to be 38-40 inches wide. Though in those shirts, the material is going to have more give. This shirt is a slim fit and won’t be as forgiving as other materials. If you are on the pudgier side, it’s recommended that you size up on this shirt.

You have the option of short sleeve and long sleeve. Right now there aren’t any sizing guides to tell you the length of the shirt, but it can be assumed that it’s pretty similar to a shirt that you own right now, or a polo that you own. Some of you might have more muscle than the average person and can feel a bit uncomfortable with this shirt. In this case, you may also want to go a full size up. You muscles may also put a lot of stress on the material and potentially ruin it.

What to wear with the shirt

The Tattersall shirt has a lot of different outfits you can wear with it if you’re someone who’s into fashion. Khaki’s seem to be the best choice when selecting the kind of pants that you like to combine with this outfit. The shoes that you like to wear may vary, but boat shoes have a look that is really easy to go with these kinds of shirts. There are a lot of classic sneakers that you can wear for days that might be a bit more casual for you. You can also wear it with some jeans as well.

With blue jeans, the outfit is going to be more casual. Most people would leave the shirt hanging out, rather than getting tucked out. Low-top skate shoes, or some high-top sneakers seem to be the best option when it comes to wearing blue jeans with this shirt. Black jeans offer up an entire different path with the kinds of shoes that you want to wear. You can still wear dress shoes, but black dress shoes seem to be the best kind of out with these kinds of pants. It also wouldn’t hurt to wear a belt.

How the shirt diversifies the wardrobe

In a wardrobe, there are plenty of necessities you need to have as a man. Most people care about the basic tees, shorts and sneakers because that is what they are going to be wearing most days. But shirts, sport jackets, dress pants, socks and dress shoes can be just as important. Though you may not wear them as much, it’s important that you get good quality dress clothes for your important days. These casual shirts lie somewhere in the middle that gives the wardrobe a lot of variety

There are many different occasions that you can wear one of these shirts with. Almost any that isn’t athletic is going to be perfectly fine to wear this shirt with. There are times when you shouldn’t wear it, such as a funeral or a very serious business meeting, but it has a lot more variety than you might think it does. You can wear this on those everyday work days such as off jobs. It can even go with a tie for when you don’t feel like wearing a jacket with it In the Spring or Summer, you wear these just about everyday with a lot of customization to express yourself.

Tattersall Shirt

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