All You Need to Know About Dress Shirt With French Cuff

Dress Shirt With French Cuff

Looking attractive is something we all wish for? Talking about attractive, when was the last time you tried a dress shirt with french cuffs?

You know french cuffs take your look to another level and no matter what age group you’re it is never out of fashion. Not to forget, cuffs on men’s dress shirts remind us of what makes menswear so distinctive.

French cuffs are a stylish and elegant addition to anyone’s wardrobe, and they can go with everything. For many men, knowing when and how to wear French cuff dress shirts is a bit of a mystery. If that describes you, be assured that once you learn the basics, this fashion statement will be one of the best aspects of your wardrobe to handle. Here in this blog, we will answer all the doubts regarding french cuffs.


To answer the question, we must first examine the double cuff’s past. Upper-class people have been using delicate ribbons to keep the ruffled ends of their shirt sleeves from falling open since at least the 16th century. Throughout the years, the tradition of adorning the wrists with some kind of ornament has persisted. Ruffles had been replaced with cuffs reinforced with ties by the early nineteenth century when the new shirt style was gaining traction.

According to one legend, French cuffs originated when Napoleon requested extra long sleeves for the uniforms of his troops so that the soldiers could rub their noses on the ends of their sleeves before folding their cuffs down. However, there is no historical precedent to back up this theory, so it’s just a nice myth.


It is impossible to overstate the significance of dress or formal shirts. It is men’s apparel that has remained essential for centuries and will remain intact in future too. Dress shirts are divided into two categories depending on the style of the collar. The traditional cuff shirt with a button sewed inside the sleeve and basic button closures is the Barrel cuff shirt. The French cuff, also known as a double cuff, is the other choice. Not just this, shirts with cufflink holes and foldable cuffs are also prevailing in the market. They have a cufflink-fastened additional length that is folded over. A cufflink holds a shirt in place by slipping into holes on each side of the cuff corner and turning into a fixed spot or locked. If that’s not enough for you, below we are mentioning all the reasons to give a dress shirt with a french cuff a try.

  1. ELEGANT LOOK – The very reason to give it a try is it will give you a professional and elegant look. No wonder if you feel like a Hollywood star for a while. The look is best suitable for weddings, professional events, and much more.
  2. LUXURIOUS FABRIC – The french cuff shirts are made up of luxurious fabric and of high quality which makes them durable. Above all, you won’t regret spending money buying it.
  3. FOND OF EUROPEAN THINGS – French cuffs are considered a European thing, so if you are a fan you must give it a try.


The common wisdom on this topic holds that French cuffs can only be used in very formal situations, such as while displaying a black-tie or a typical business suit and necktie. Some might say that wearing French cuffs with a jacket or sport coat is a bit extreme. A standard daily wardrobe consists of a French cuff shirt worn without something over it. Shirts with a French cuff are more formal than those with a barrel cuff. A French cuff top, on the other hand, is more elegant than a Barrel cuff shirt. As a result, it is the better choice for marriages, black-tie parties, and Tuxedos. Cuffs, like collars, are an integral aspect of a dress shirt and communicate a lot about the type of clothing you’re wearing. Nonetheless, the cuff style you choose would have a significant impact on the formality of the entire ensemble. French cuff shirts are often worn with a suit or a Tuxedo, but they can also be worn with a jumper, blazer, sports jacket, or even jeans for a more relaxed and chic look. Because of you, French cuff shirts leave a lasting impression.


Now you’re all set to buy a dress shirt with french cuffs but finding the right place to shop can be a little overwhelming or daunting. Then what to do in such a case? Well, we have saved you from a lot of trouble. All you need to do is visit the Lamodemens site and voila you will find a variety of shirts with french cuffs at a reasonable price. The fabric used is of high quality and way more comfortable in wearing. Trust us, you won’t feel like a mannequin while wearing it. It does not give you the elegant look you are hoping for but will add more value to your personality. Plus, not to forget the perks of gathering fans following in black tie events or weddings. Above all the main benefit is you don’t have to put a foot out of your house for shopping. Just do some taps from your couch and bed, you’re good to go. The payment can be easily done and the shirts are delivered all across the world without any difficulty.


That’s all! This is our take on the “All you Need to Know About Dress Shirt with French Cuffs”. We understand trying something new and fancy can be a little overwhelming but on the same hand if we are wearing the same clothes we are missing out on something. In such cases, going with a traditional look and fancy things seems a rational option and french cuff shirts are one of those things. It is worth giving a try.

So don’t confuse yourself anymore! Try it out and let us know all about it in the comments section.

Dress Shirt With French Cuff

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