All You Need to Know About Banded Collar Shirt

Banded Collar Shirt

Almost every man’s dream is to look like Ryan Gosling, why not he is the perfect example of a gentleman. So the thing is what can turn a regular man into an aesthetic-looking gentleman. Well, you don’t need to have something extra, the behavior is the one thing which makes someone gentleman but other than that you can work little on how to put yourself out there by wearing a banded collar shirt. It is considered as one of the prominent business casual.

If you are running out of options on what to wear in your formal event then you should definitely give it a try at a banded collar shirt. Now, most people find themselves in a huge dilemma when it comes to banded collar shirts such as about their material, how to wear them, and much more. If you are the one who often finds themselves in such confusion then you don’t have to worry anymore.

Here in this piece of writing, we are going to walk you through all the rising questions in your brain. Without any further ado, let’s jump[ into the buttery part.


Creatives have designed a variety of shirts with exclusive creator collars to give standard shirts a fresh style. There are almost twelve different types of collars, and choosing the right one will make you look better. Each form has distinct characteristics and types. Some neck styles include button-down collars, which are appropriate for social events, semi-spread collars, winged open collars, and the familiar banded collars or mandarin collars, as well as removable collars which can be separated from the shirt’s neck.

The compact nature of banded collar shirts makes them ideal for pairing with a variety of suits and tuxedos. Banded collar shirts look great with solitary blazers or other outfits that require you to have the blazer untucked or suit coat. These shirts look great with the streamlined blazers, particularly in the summer. The plain appearance of banded collars has always been and continues to be a stylish man.


A banded collar is also known as a “Nehru Collar” or a “Mandarin Collar.” The process relates to Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s former Prime Minister, and the shift dresses of the shirts and jackets were favored in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. However, by the time, it started to be worn by the Mandarin citizens of Imperial China. Not just this, when World War I rolled around, the look was being worn by sailors, cowboys, and laborers all over the world.


Banded collar shirts are mostly made of durable summer materials such as linen. As a result, band collar patterns are more suitable for spring and summer. But don’t let that stop you from wearing this shirt throughout the year. The material is lightweight which makes it suitable for black tie events and that is why this shirt is widely preferred with tuxedos and suits.


Now coming to the most important section which is about the material of the banded collar. Here in this section, we are going to answer that part. These shirts are made of high-quality microfiber. It should be noted that microfiber is a particular kind of fiber that is very gentle on the skin. As a result, even though you wear the Banded Collar Shirts for extended periods of time, you will never feel uncomfortable. Not just this, it is considered as the prominent choice for men’s apparel as the material used is comfortable and it doesn’t catch dirt easily. The cleaning procedure of this requires minimal effort.

These shirts never are irritating to your eyes. These shirts are suitable for wearing on any occasion due to their lightweight and relaxed style. Another significant advantage of wearing this shirt is it has no wrinkles. So there is no need for ironing. As a result, if you wore these shirts again then they will be wrinkle-free and give you the same luxury look every time.


It is totally up to you how you want to wear your mandarin collar but there are certain looks that can favor your style. Below we are going to point out some looks that can suit anybody’s personality.

  1. SUMMER LOOK – These shirts are considered way much cooler for summers. The material is light and comfortable so it is definitely worth giving a try in summer. Now the question arises how to wear it in summer. Well, we have summed a perfect look for you. You can definitely try these shirts with suspenders and shorts. A white mandarin collar with shorts or suspenders has the ability to put all the eyes on you.
  2. STYLISH LOOK – The second look you can try for casual events or parties is a stylish look. It is worth giving a try. All you have to do is wear a banded collar underneath the blazer and in the bottom prefer joggers. The look is elegant and goes with any color of blazer.
  3. SIMPLE LOOK – The third look is the simple one perfect for office or business events. In this look, you have to put a banded collar within the sweater. Just put the shirt under a jumper, button it all the way up to your waist, and pair it with a matching pair of trousers for the ideal Sunday brunch ensemble.


Alright! Here we have provided an honest and pure opinion on the banded collar shirt. These shirts are way much comfortable and definitely giving a try. The plus point is you don’t have to do anything fancy, it can go with any event and occasion. There are wide varieties of colors available, just choose the one which goes with your skin and you’re good to go. Also, it is best for one who is carefree and doesn’t want clothes to put a burden on their skin.

So what exactly is stopping you from buying these shirts? Just give it a try and let us know the experience in the comments sections.

Banded Collar Shirt

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