All About The Slim Fit Dress Shirt

Slim Fit Dress Shirt

When it comes to men’s clothing, there are nearly limitless options for you to stay looking your best at all times. There are so many different fashion styles to choose from that you can literally build a different look for yourself every day of the year and be able to truly stand out among the crowd. When it comes to either looking professional, or staying sharp for a night out on the town, the slim fit dress shirt is always a great choice. The men’s dress shirt scene has undergone a massive evolution over the last one hundred or so years, going from being baggy and unstructured to becoming a highly sophisticated, streamlined piece that really forms the crux of the modern gentleman’s outfit. So, without further delay, let us explore some of the many features that make the slim fit dress shirt such an important piece that every man should have in their wardrobe. Whether you have a normal day at the office, or an important meeting with clients, a well-made slim fitting dress shirt should be the go to item around which you create your look for the day. These clean and uniform shirts exude a quality of elegance and sophistication while also allowing you to maintain an ultra professional look while you are navigating through your work day. The collared shirts that are available in the modern era allow you to decide whether you would like to wear them with a tie for a much more formal look, or wear no tie so that you can look professional but also a bit more casual and relaxed. I also enjoy the way that the buttons that run down the front of today’s men’s dress shirts really work to enhance the overall look and feel of these fine pieces of apparel. There are even some iterations of these shirts that hide the buttons behind a strip of fabric so that the pattern design can appear uninterrupted in its full glory. As far as what you should wear your slim fit dress shirt with, the options are plenty. Should you need to give a serious and professional impression, the main pairing to include with your shirt would be either a pair of nice dress pants, or khaki pants. Sometimes, if the business you are conducting is not super formal, you can use the perfect dress shirt to elevate a pair of clean cut jeans to new heights of elegance. I actually love pairing my favorite dress shirt with my favorite pair of fitted blue jeans because that combination gives me the versatility to be able to transition from the office to happy hour without feeling over dressed or under dressed. If wearing your fancy slim fit dress shirt with a pair of jeans, adding a nice blazer or jacket to the mix only works to further enhance your overall look and raises the bar when it comes to the impressions you will make with your refined fashion sense. Now, you may be in the market for adding some new styles of slim fit dress shirts to your wardrobe, but may also have no clue as to where you should begin your search. In my opinion, every man’s search for the perfect dress shirts to add to their collection should start at the La Mode Men’s web site, where they have a pretty healthy number of shirt options to allow you to expand your wardrobe. They count no less than twenty different options for their form fitting dress shirt designs, allowing you to mix and match different colors, and improve the variety that you can have in your closet. I would recommend that every guy start their dress shirt collection by adding a simple white style to their closet, as well as a black dress shirt. These two colors really offer some of the greatest levels of versatility because they can really be combined with almost any color of pants and other accessories that you may also wish to wear. Another great thing about the slim fit dress shirt options that are available on the La Mode Men’s online shop is the number of different colors that they carry, allowing you to truly customize your wardrobe in ways you never could have imagined before. One of my favorite shirt colors that they have available on their web site is the beautiful mint green because it really offers a fresh and clean look with just a touch of color. This shirt goes perfectly with a pair of black dress pants, or even some cream colored linen pants for a touch of understated elegance. The peach color option is also great, and it can give you a more tropical touch, allowing you to be both professional looking and stylish as you go about your day. In addition to the fantastic colors that I have already mentioned, La Mode Men’s carries a wide assortment of other color options so that everyone can find that perfect slim fit dress shirt to add to their collection. I would also like to point out that a lot of the colors that you can find on this amazing online shop are really hard to find anywhere else, and you can also count on these dress shirts being made of only the highest quality fabrics, so they feel just as good as they look. The other great thing about shopping La Mode Men’s for your new dress shirts is the fact that they have literally every other piece of clothing and accessories that you would need to complete your look as well as bulk up your entire wardrobe. I am a fan of the cardigan sweaters that they carry, especially around this time of the year, and you can create the perfect pairing by wearing a nice slim fit dress shirt beneath a v-neck cardigan for a clean autumn look. You should definitely start adding to your slim fit dress shirt assortment today, and start looking more stylish for the holiday season.

Slim Fit Dress Shirt

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