A Dress Shirt with Tie Dress: Dressing for Success

Whether you’re interviewing for a job, meeting a potential client or trying to impress a prospective date, first impressions are very important. Of course, what’s on the inside of a person is far more important than what they are wearing, but the unfortunate reality is that most of us judge others based on how they present themselves. When we first meet someone we are not likely to have a back story or history on him. We are only judging him based on his appearance. If he is neat, clean and well-groomed, we assume that he cares about his health and hygiene. If he is well-dressed, we might automatically assume that he works in a professional field, is a successful businessman and is wealthy. Dress shirts and ties are often mandatory work wear in some offices because upper management knows that professional attire will not only help colleagues and customers perceive their workers as professional but may even cause employees to work harder and more efficiently. It all comes down to psychology. Think about your personal experiences with clothes. Typically, if you are wearing sweats or shorts and athletic shoes, you are more likely to want to play a round of basketball or go for a jog than you would if you were wearing your business suit. And if you are wearing lounge pants, the idea of watching the game on TV and eating a few snacks might appeal. The same goes for wearing business attire. Our brains will automatically jump into professional mode when we look and dress the part. Wearing a dress shirt with tie is a great way to make a good first (or second, or third) impression. A classy dress shirt and tie give the impression of professionalism and will help you gain respect in the workplace and turn heads at dinner with clients or a date. Several generations ago, there were limited options for men, but today there is a wide range of colors, patterns and styles from which to choose. Men are no longer limited to white shirts and conservative ties, though this look is still relevant in today’s world. But modern men aren’t saddled to the styles of their fathers and grandfathers. Today, men can express their own personal styles and make statements through their fashion choices. Modern men can now explore and experiment with their style because they have many more options than past generations. Dress shirts and ties come in a wide array of colors, patterns and styles. Even fabric choices are now more varied in menswear, which provide more choices in visual and physical texture in the garments. But what if you don’t know how to choose the right shirt and tie combination, let alone a whole outfit? Here are some tips to help you navigate the world of menswear. Choosing the Right Size Most men know their dress shirt size, but if you don’t, it’s quite simple to determine. Simply measure the circumference of your neck with a cloth tape measure and round that number up to find your neck size. For sleeve-length, stand with your arms slightly bent to your sides. Have a friend measure the length from your neck to your wrist. Add one inch and then round that number to the nearest even number. This will be your arm length. Know your Fit Generally speaking, most mean wear a regular cut shirt. But if you are particularly lean or athletic, or if you carry your weight around your stomach area, you may find that specialty cut shirts fit you better. Choosing the Right Combination Variety might be the spice of life, but it can also be confusing. Some men like to stick with conservative combinations such as a white shirt with a dark, solid tie. Other men like to experiment with color by choosing a colored shirt and patterned tie. Much of what is “right” is just your personal preference. Showing your style through your clothing choices can be a lot of fun and can give the world a glimpse into your personality. You can even throw in a handkerchief for even more styling. Some General Rules Of course there are no “rules” to mixing and matching your dress shirts and ties. But if you are insecure of how to pair your ties and shirts, or which new tie to purchase, here are a few general tips and guidelines to get you started. Solid ties are more versatile than patterned ties. Solid colored ties can be worn with solid colored shirts, but can also be matched with patterned shirts. So, if you are stumped as to which tie to choose, go for a solid color for more versatility. If you want to match a patterned tie to a patterned shirt, suit coat or pants, the general rule is that no two patterns in your outfit should match exactly. For instance, you wouldn’t want to match a black and grey hounds tooth tie to a pant with the same pattern. Instead, match that tie with a pin stripped-shirt and solid black pant. Typically the suit and shirt pattern and color take priority over the tie. So, choose your largest piece of clothing first, which is likely to be your suit. Then match the shirt and tie accordingly.Consider the texture of the fabrics you are pairing too. If you are planning on wearing a heavy tweed jacket, a lightweight, silk tie might look out of place. Choose a thicker, rougher fabric for your necktie instead. A little texture in the tie will be the perfect pairing with a textured tweed. Allow the Professionals to Help If you are not sure of how to mix-and-match ties and shirts, purchase your dress clothes in sets. These sets have been perfectly matched by professionals . If you allow fashion professionals to find the perfect combination of shirt and tie, you can be confident that you are looking your best. While BEING your best is far more important than outside appearance, LOOKING your best can open new doors to fresh opportunities. Looking good shows respect to your job or companion and it allows you the opportunity to showcase your own personality, talents, skills and abilities

Dress Shirt With Tie

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