Checkered Shirts for Fall Fashion

When it comes to men’s fall fashion, every guy should have at least a few versions of the checkered shirt in their closet. This casual shirt style is a timeless masterpiece that blends a laid back, classic style with a bit of sophistication. A nice break from solid colored dress shirts, the checker design on these awesome shirts allows you to look clean and well put together while giving a bit of a more relaxed feel to the look of a typical buttoned-down shirt. One of the coolest things about this style of shirt is that it can be paired nicely with a cardigan sweater or even a nice wool coat during the chillier months of the year. However, it can also work fantastically all year round, allowing you to switch up your look during the warm summer months as well.
For many years, the men’s dress shirt options were relatively limited in scope, as they generally consisted of plain, single colors and were almost exclusively available in white or black during the early years. As time went on, and the development of dying techniques began to advance, more solid color options began to spring up in the clothing markets. Soon after that relatively basic change in clothing manufacturing, a revolutionary advancement took place with the further improvement of looms and weaving technology. The more sophisticated fabric weaving machines allowed clothing designers and manufacturers to weave threads of varying colors together and form patterns within the fabric.
Of course, in the beginning of this shift in the way clothing, such as the casual shirt, was being produced, the designs were quite basic and even slightly dull. But then, the basic stripe pattern began to take off and became one of the most popular trends of the time. As excitement over the striped dress shirt design began to wane, clothing designers were faced with the challenge to come up with new ideas to try to get people interested in their offerings once again. The basic checkered shirt design was born through this journey of innovation and marked a big moment in fashion design history.
What the checkered shirt offered that previous stripe designs lacked was a bit of a more laid back and relaxed look that could be worn in various settings. Because of the awesome versatility of the checkered pattern design on these dress shirts, they could be worn in professional, semi-formal, and casual settings with ease. This ability to transition between the office and the bar, or even to a nice restaurant, it what gave this style of men’s shirt its appeal. Now, working men did not have to worry about being overdressed or underdressed at any given moment because the checkered shirt allowed them to fit right in no matter the setting or venue.
In modern times, the checkered shirt has become more of a core part of almost every man’s clothing collection than ever before. The average guy owns at least four or five of these super versatile and comfortable shirts, and would surely welcome additional colors and other options into their closets with a smile on their face. One of the other great things about this versatile and universal design is the simple fact that almost any version of this casual shirt can be worn by any guy. The design pattern of this fashion staple is so simple that it can be worn in many different ways, allowing the man who owns it to style in the manner that best suits his personal taste. It is for this very reason that I believe the checkered shirt is not only a timeless classic design, but it will most likely always be just that for many decades to come.
As far as what to wear your checkered shirts with, the options are pretty much limitless. One of the most popular ways to style yourself with a checkered shirt is to pair it together with a pair of slacks, such as a khaki pant or even a sleek dress pant. For a more chill and relaxed look, you can wear this casual shirt with your favorite pair of jeans and a nice set of sneakers or boots. There are really endless possibilities when it comes to the number of fashion statements that can be made with this flexible shirt design and you can easily find this style in almost any color under the sun. The checkered shirt really offers the biggest bang for your buck.
Now, you may be wondering where the best place is to find some new checkered shirts to add to your collection or even to give as personal gifts for the coming holiday season. After searching the web for the best online men’s clothing stores, the one you definitely have to check out is the La Mode Men’s website. This awesome website has a fantastic selection of checkered shirts in addition to almost every other possible type of stylish men’s clothing that you will want to add to your wardrobe. If you are like most guys, your closet could probably use a bit of a refreshment, and you likely have a few items that need to be replaced anyway. Well, the La Mode Men’s online shop will be able to supply you with all of the best fashions to keep you looking clean and sharp throughout the year.
I really love the wide selection of checkered shirt styles available at La Mode Men’s website, and they use high quality fabric and manufacturing so that you know your purchases will last for many years to come. My personal favorite options are the classic black and white checkered shirt, which can be worn with literally anything else you have in your closet, and the burgundy colored option, which I think gives off a bit of a more sophistication with an added pop of color. You should definitely head over to the La Mode Men’s online clothing shop so you can build up your wardrobe for the holidays and update your look to really make the best impression for all of your friends and family.

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