5 Best Ways To Style Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

Polo Long Long Sleeve

Looking for ways to style your plain Polo long sleeve shirt? You have come to the right place!

The long sleeve polo t-shirt is a piece of clothing that never goes out of style. It is comfortable, casual yet very classy. It is considered to be one of the most legitimate wardrobe essentials. However, there are times when it fades down from the vogue and gets ignored for no reason.

The case of long-sleeved polo is actually very similar to the denim jackets and other classic knitwears that have their fair ups and downs but still don’t lose their charm. These pieces are always in picture no matter what world you’re living in.

Polo with long sleeves is kind of a transitional tool which can save you from the cold weather which is often underestimated. The good news is that it can be worn and styled in a number of ways with a wide variety of styles and outfits. From wearing it plain with a classic pair of blue denims to layering it with your favourite knitwear, in this guide, we are sharing five different and stunning ways to style this wardrobe staple.

Below are the five unique and stylish ways to style a polo long sleeve t-shirt :

Although there are numerous ways to wear your classic long-sleeved polo shirt, we are sharing the five most stylish ways that will suit almost every body type and clothing style. Not just the long-sleeved polo, you can use these ways for styling your regular short sleeve polo as well. These are super chique and aesthetic outfit ideas you can opt for different occasions.


Have you ever watched Richard Gere in American Gigolo? If yes, you know what we are talking about!

This style is deeply inspired by the look of ever-stylish and classic Richard Gere. Throughout the movie, there is one particular clothing style that speaks volume about why long sleeved polo t-shirts should be there in every modern wardrobe. A solid polo with a classic pair of denim makes a quick, non-fussy and a sleek style that can be easily pulled off by every single person.

If you want to do a little bit extra, you can go with a pair of slim, lightly washed jeans and rustic brown or black boots. To add a pop of style, layer it with a dark washed denim jacket. To grab the attention, select the dark-coloured polo and pair it with charcoal washed jeans.


As we already discussed, a polo long sleeve is a super versatile piece. This outfit will prove this statement. Here we will style another cool version of the above-mentioned outfit.

To pull off this look, keep your boots and denims aside and grab that neatly tailored trousers and a classic black/brown leather belt.

This look is perfect for casual gatherings. But wait if you’re confused as to whether or not to tuck in the polo, don’t be. Try both ways and go for the style that suits you the most and in which you’re most comfortable. If you opt for a neat tuck in, go with a slim leather belt. Even if you go untucked, it’s equally stylish, it will still look tailored and classy.

This time throw a solid blazer over the top and add a sophisticated touch to this outfit. If you don’t want to go over the top, layer it with a cardigan or shrug instead of a blazer.


Not just the base layer, long-sleeved polo makes a stunning knitwear alternative for that cold weather. It keeps you warm as well as stylish and comfy. For this look, layer your favorite checkered or striped pattern shirt with a solid polo and top it up with a dark washed denim jacket.

A tailored pair of slim chinos look best with this style. You can opt for either loafers, runners or even casual hiking boots.

You can further personalise it with a few accessories such as a fanny pack, a chunky gold chain or a knitted beanie.


Ditch your tie and shirt and dress down with a long sleeve polo. A pressed khaki suit is a stylish alternative to a classic formal wear. You can go for this look any time of the year. Wear a dark polo with a light blue or khaki trouser to make a personal style statement.

You can pair it up with a printed blazer with a square breast pocket to add flair. Finish the look with some casual yet classy leather boots or sleek oxford shoes.


Roll neck, high neck or turtleneck, call it what you want but it never goes out of trend. It looks ultra-stylish and fashionable. You can be comfortable and trendy at the same time by opting for this outfit. The best part is, it is minimal!

For this look, layer your long-sleeved polo roll neck with a button-up shirt and get ready to grab the attention wherever you walk in. To give this outfit a more casual look, pair it with some slim cargo pants or even regular chinos with rugged leather boots. This one is an ultra-modern and classic outfit for winters.


A long sleeve polo is a man’s wardrobe staple. This versatile piece of clothing can be worn throughout the year on a plethora of occasions and in a number of ways – from layering it with your favorite piece of clothing to wearing it as a classy top layer – it looks great on everyone on every occasion.

We have shared the top five most trendy ways to style your long sleeved polo. Now it’s your turn to grab the idea and turn your simple polo into a fashionable outfit. That’s about it, let us know what’s your favorite way of wearing long sleeve polo in the comment section below!

Polo Long Long Sleeve

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