A Guide to Choosing the Best Dress Shirts

There are certain occasions you need to attend in a year that calls for a little more than your old fuzzy favorite tees. These are occasions that require you to crawl out of your couch and make a conscious attempt at showing the world that you are better than puffy eyes, stubble face, smelly socks and a blanket of week-old popcorn. Weddings, award ceremonies, formal dinners etc are a few such to mention.

If the task of working out a crisp, formal and rather Bond-like irresistibility sounds a little too much to accomplish, you will be happy to know that things can be as easy as getting a well designed and well fitting dress shirt, while the rest will fall in place. The latter are usually a little different from formal shirts in many different ways making it necessary in your part to mention the word ‘dress’ while selecting your shirts online or in brick and mortar stores.

A quick guide to choosing options you will not regret…
Choosing the right option will always help in preventing embarrassments while opening floodgates of compliments to pour in from everywhere. Here is a small yet impactful guide to select the best rather, the most suitable Dress shirts for men; a purchase that you may cherish for years to come…

Learn what makes a dress shirt – Dress shirts are the opposite of casual. They are classic button up options with crisp collars and preferably with French cuffs. There are buttoned cuffs as well, but the French cuff shirts just add an extra dose of charm to the overall turnout. It is also necessary to know that these shirts are very different from day formal shirts and are used mainly as evening wear.
The fit maketh the man – When you walk into a store or make an online search, always keep an eye open for the fit. These days, you can find slim fit dress shirts as well regular fit options, either of which can be suitable with your body type. If gymming or diet has not featured in your for a while, it is better to opt for regular fit than otherwise.
Always check the fit of collars, cuffs and the shoulders before making your purchase. As far as collars are concerned, you should be able to slip in two fingers (not more, not less) after it has been buttoned. As far as cuffs are concerned, it should rest snug on your wrist bone but not pass your watch. Basically, your hands should not be able to pass the cuffs when it is buttoned. This will make it too loose.
Considering the importance of fitting is these options, it is usually advisable to try before buying.
Colors matter too – Men’s dress shirts are best when chosen in shades of white. While you are likely to find many other shades in the market, bold white is the most preferred color, something that you will never go wrong with.
Fabric is crucial – Luxurious cotton and silk are two of the most favored fabrics in these shirts. You can choose depending upon the time of the year you are expected to wear the same or as per your preference (for example, if you are a Vegan, you can always choose cotton over silk). Silk however, is most preferred in winters for obvious reasons and cotton is suitable for warmer weather conditions.
The pocket pinch – Here’s the catch… Whether you are buying slim fits, French cuffs or even banded collar shirts for that matter, if the word ‘dress’ precedes the option, be prepared to spend a sizeable fortune from your pocket. There is no upper limit to the price tags of these luxurious options and there are people (usually celebrities) that pay thousands for a piece.
For regular buyers though, anywhere from 75$ to 100$ can fetch you good quality options that can last for years. Approaching discount dress shirts that are offered by many well known brands and stores can help in making the costs bearable.